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How to find available Abraham free material on the web using your Google Search Engine

Ask and it is Given

YouTube (About 1,625,000 results), Abraham-Hicks website , Pinterest offer plenty of FREE Abraham material on the Web. 

This page only points out how to find the information you are looking for, using your Web Search Engine. 


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It is not possible for someone else to receive the resources that were meant for you,
and you cannot selfishly squander resources that were intended for someone else.

All desires are answered; all requests are granted - and no one is left unanswered, unloved, or unfulfilled.
When you stay aligned with your Energy Stream, you always win,
and somebody else does not have to lose for you to win.

There is always enough.
From the book Ask and it is Given.

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OCTOBER 18, 2014

We found this Torcache.net info on the web:

The name of the file to Google is: Abraham-Hicks 2014-10-18 Temp FLV Video+mp3
(Only use magnet links)

The name of the AUDIO file to Google is:  Abraham-Hicks 2014-10-18 Westchester NY Titled Audio
The Torcache.net Hash info to Google is: 88070ADE3ED0FC4B284698B32C6FF32209440A5A

Latest Available

OCTOBER 11, 2014

Googling:  Abraham-Hicks 2014-10-11 Temp FLV Video+mp3 (1.89GB)
(When you find what you are looking for after googling, only use third party magnet links )

For hash info from Torcache.net: click here
Or Google the following info hash: CBB73F0C217B6A155E6C2EA2DBC62C2A883EFD0F

Info for titled tracks only
Please Google for:  Abraham-Hicks 2014-10-11 Boston Titled Audio   (175MB)

For hash info from Torcache.net: click here
Or Google the following info hash:  BC307BE0325B329203AB009EAB03E20146FC8A48

Mediterranean 2013 - Momentum (5 hours of video)

Googling:  Abraham-Hicks 2013 Mediterranean Momentum 2DVDs vob  (13.51GB)

Hash info from Torcache.net:  F20C33A83C786F8F8E428D205DBD436EF3D6CF19 (13.51GB)


Googling:  Abraham-Hicks 2013 Mediterranean Momentum 2DVDs rip  (1.77GB)

Hash info from Torcache.net:  25A1A3D4838E1F02002A07A5ABA1A0E132AE9DE6  (1.77GB)


Googling: Abraham-Hicks 2013 Mediterranean Momentum audio (579mb)

Hash info from Torcache.net:  1B3CCDEA5424F3778A38BD46424927A2693C7E2D

(Note: You always need to have a working torrent program to download the above to your computer)

Important: Once you found what you are looking for on the web, use the magnet link  to download ANY torrent...
NOT a BIG download button or any sponsored links.

If Torcache.net works for you, it is the best and the safest.

London, England
September 20, 2014

More Picture/quote from the London, UK workshop

We found it using this Google Search

Searching for: Abraham-Hicks 2014-09-20 Video+mp3 LIVE 3-hr Broadcast

Hash info from Torcache.netC26FEA15970301FABAEAD37E0F724E5081DD1B71

(Note: You always need to have a working torrent program to download the above to your computer)

September 6, 2014

We found it
using this
Google Search

Hash info from Torcache.net:  9E29ACC6D26D39F8764D03BB529F6B041A565533

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Being happy is the cornerstone of all that you are! Nothing is more important than that you feel good! And you have absolute and utter control about that because you can choose the thought that makes you worry or the thought that makes you happy; the things that thrill you, or the things that worry you. You have the choice in every moment. --- Abraham