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Customer feedback:

Robert Joseph's Optima Rider electric trike:

Quote: Thanks for offering this excellent kit, it is extremely well made and fantastic for the speedier ebikes!

Guillermo’s KMX Batmobile:

Quote: THANK YOU. This thing is not just better, it’s on another dimension better.

Paul MacDonald’s KMX Typhoon Ebike:

Quote: I am overjoyed and at peace with the way this trike has turned out. Thank you so much for offering this suspension kit on the Endless Sphere.

Paul MacDonald’s KMX Typhoon Ebike Review

Michael S Copeland's KMX Venom with S.S. Screws:

Quote: Just took my first ride with the new air suspension kit. Wow, what a difference

This was about as easy as a kit can get. Remove the wheel. Remove the brake. Install the suspension unit. Reinstall the wheel. Adjust the brake. The whole process took me an hour and a half. Most of the time was adjusting the brake. The Avid BB7s had to be adjusted as far away from the rotor as possible, but they fit. No issues. There is a clearance issue on the right side that Adam mentions in the very detailed and understandable instructions. Used a file and notched the brake mount on the original spindle. Easy. Kudos Adam. Excellent DFX. Design for performance, design for durability, design for assembly. Excellent!

The reduction in road chatter is very nice. Most of the big hits are softened quite a bit. Hits to the rear wheel still are jarring, but I have a 26" rear, so the hits aren't as bad as a 20" rear wheel. The big hits on the front are handled well. Still feel them but they aren't jarring. I purposefully hit some big potholes, just to see how the suspension would handle the hit. I felt it, but nothing like without suspension.

Here is where this unit shines. There's still some bump steer, but it's nothing like without it. Being wider, the stance is more stable, but turns don't require as much english with my body to stay upright. Also, the suspension movement makes loose gravel much more stable. There's a fast downhill with REALLY loose sand and gravel. The unsuspended trike would still feel really squirrely, but the suspension makes it much more controllable. I feel a little faster, just because I'm more in control of the trike. It's a NOTICEABLE difference.

Thanks again, well done!

Terry’s KMX Ebike:

Quote: Went for my first test ride last weekend and holy crap, this thing is fast! The suspension worked flawlessly when I hit some pretty good bumps at high speed.
            Thanks again for a great product!