KMX Toe in / Toe out alignment

Once the front suspension is installed on your trike, it is a good practice to verify the Toe in / Toe out alignment:

Doing this will prevent premature wear on your front tires

A small toe out alignment can even make your trike dangerous and unstable to ride!!!

I got best results with a 1/16" to 1/8" toe in on my trike.

This being said, some trike's King pin inclination / wheels size combinations will not give a stable result
with the typical 1/16" or 1/8" toe in.

Usually the trike will feel a bit harder to steer once the suspension is installed, but some will instead feel too "twitchy"  

If this happen, increase the toe in by half a turn each time and test until you feel comfortable with the
steering behavior.


Adding the front suspension change the Scrub radius patch location and will make the trike more
sensitive to brake steering.  It is important to use a dual front brake system controlled by a single lever
in order to minimise this side effect.

For optimal result, install a Twin Hydraulic front brake kit.  Those will distribute the force equally each sides
without requiring any adjustment.

Here is a short video from Utah Trike on Trike wheel alignement: