Twin hydraulic disc brake for Trike

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Oil:         DOT 3
Weight:  725g

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Shipping with Tracking : 25USD

When we change the front wheel size, or add a suspension on a tadpole trike, we change the scrub radius.

Sometime, this can make the trike twitchier and/or more sensitive to brake steering.

It is important to adjusting the toe in/toe.

It's also important to use a front Twin brake lever as we want to minimize brake steering:
(Cable model shown here)

Using an independent brake lever system on each sides makes it almost impossible to apply the same
pressure on the left and right side calipers. ( which cause brake steering )

It is often tricky to perfectly adjust those cable brake calipers.  Going hydraulic instead will automatically
distribute the braking force equally between both calipers without any adjustments.

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