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Testimonials / Commentaires

Following is some unsolicited feedback / Voici des commentaires spontanés;

" To Dennis with thanks and all good wishes. Keep making them marvellous fiddles." Ron Gonnella - Crieff, Scotland, 1987

"Excellent to superb, very little defects, close to perfection, tonal qualities excellent." Ronald Gervais - Ottawa, 1992 (Re violin #16 Insurance Appraisal)

"It was with the help and experience of a wonderful fiddle maker and great friend, Dennis Alexander, from Aylmer, Quebec that my goal was achieved in June of 1995. The fiddle pictured on the front and back covers, and played on this recording, is the result of Dennis' work." Denis Lanctôt - Ottawa, 1997 (from CD cover notes on Denis' recording "For the love of Tara") (re violin #26)

"I've never had a chance to really play such a wonderful instrument. People often ask where my fiddle came from. They tell me it looks and sounds beautiful. Some offer to buy it. It demands of me a higher level of musicianship--as if to ask me to explore the wondrous musical possibilities hidden within the ebony, maple, and spruce, and the craftsmanship that turns these materials into a work of art that is a Dennis Alexander fiddle. I consider it a privilege to own and play one of Dennis' creations." Rajinderpal Mudhar - Ottawa, 1998 (re violin #30)

"I bought my violin in 1995. At the time, I was impressed with the tone quality, but since then, it has done nothing but get better!! I am frequently asked who the maker of my violin is and I am always proud to say "Dennis Alexander". People often ask to take a look at my violin and as soon as they get close, they are impressed with the master craftsmanship of the instrument. I have even had other violin makers comment on the great detail and precision that Mr. Alexander puts into his work. It is my opinion that Dennis' violins are worth far more than what he charges for them... I am extremely happy with mine!" Mathew Johnson - Stratford, 2000 (re violin #21)

"J'ai été envouté par la beauté du violon, la précision des courbes et véritablement enchanté par sa richesse sonore. L'amour et le soucie de la perfection, voila les qualités du maître que le violon nous fait ressentir sur chacune de ses notes. J'ai été merveilleusement enchanté par le qualité de votre violon." Pierre Lefebvre - Sherbrooke, 1999 (violon #31)

"Besides crafting fiddles, he is in demand as a repairer and restorer of violins." Treoir Magazine - Dublin, Ireland 1999

"I love the violin - you did a marvellous job. I am sure my Grandfather would be as thrilled with it as I am - as my instructor said on hearing and inspecting it "Wow, he's not only a craftsman but a true artist - what a superb job!" Sharon deVries, Prescott, 2002 (restoration of antique German violin)

"This is Kurtis who you made the fiddle for.  But you probably still remember that.  I would like to apologize for not sending you an e-mail or something duringthe holidays and just to tell you how its going.  So Merry Christmas and happy Easter.  Anyway I really love my fiddle and my fiddle teacher Gerrald Hamilton really really enjoyed it and loved it also.  He told me that I am a very lucky person.  He says I am making good progress with my fiddle.  I am also taking lessons from Mathew Johnson who you know well.  I am practicing lots and would really like to thank you for it.  Everyone I've met lately says that my fiddle sound so very spectacular and nice in kind of a mellow way I really really like its sound.  So I'll talk to you later." Kurtis Waymouth, Stratford, 2005 (re violin #44)

"hi, Well we just came from a tour of New York, and everyone loved my fiddle!!. It sounds great through the system. I'm extremely happy. I'd love to see the photos that you took, and I'll get my sister to put them up on our website. thanks," Colleen  http://www.searsonband.com/photos.htm  (Colleen Searson, Ottawa, 2006 - re violin #52)

"I started playing an Alexander fiddle in 1983 and it was such a pleasing instrument , I was inspired to spend more time trying to improve. Since then I have acquired my second , and have  had very favourable comments from people  who have listened to or played on them. Thank you Dennis , you have made fiddling much better for me.   Bruce Armitage   Quyon Qc. (violins # 2 and # 9")

"Thank you so much for making me this wonderful instrument. It continues to develop the more I play it. I couldn't have done as well at the contests if I wasn't playing an Alexander fiddle". Alex Lamoureux Comox B.C. 2006 (re violin #54)

"Alex is playing great and the fiddle sounds amazing." Patti Lamoureux Comox B.C. 2006 (re violin # 54)

"Hi Dennis, I didn't like the sound of most of the violins at the Grand Masters. I did like the sound of one violin. I asked Alex Lamoureux who made his violin that sounded so good. He said you did. Terrific Sound!" Lois Siegel Ottawa. 2006(re violin # 54)

"Well I've played in group settings 4 times since I saw you, and each time I've ended up having to playing other people's fiddles at least half the time -- they want to try the Imperial Alexander but then won't give it back!  I fear this is something that I'm going to have to get used to. Jeez I'm in a good mood these days." Paul Hawtin Ottawa (re Imperial violin restoration 2006)

"We had a wonderful trip last Saturday.  When we left your place we headed for home.  The boys had a little jam session when we got in at 1 a.m. You have a lovely home and workshop.  Mark was quite impressed with how tidy your work area was.  You can be most proud of your violin making talent and we are so lucky to have been directed to you. Gerald Hamilton loved Kyle's fiddle by the way." Judy Waymouth Stratford On 2006 (re violin # 55 for Kyle Waymouth)

"The fiddle is brilliant and I get lots of compliments about it---- in Portarlington, in Chicago, in Scotland, anywhere I go in Ireland". Robert Gleeson Ireland (re violin #49)

" I am blown away with the tone of this fiddle every time I pick it up. I haven't played this much in years"  Facebook entry "This is my prized violin made by Dennis. Built in 2008, it won first place at the Arizona luthier convention. It is the second best violin I have ever played, second only to the 3 million dollar Gaurnerius I played in Italy this summer. Very proud to own this one." Wade Foster, Perth On. (re violin # 61)

"Your fiddle and I have had a good workout this weekend. I am really happy with the fiddle. I have had lots of nice complements about the sound and smooth quality of the tone - a real pleasure"  Joanne Garton, Montpelier Vt USA (violin # 65)

"Loving my new violin" Diane Brown Maranchi Falmouth Mass. USA Nov., 2010 (violin #67)

"#68 is truly a beautiful instrument. I have enjoyed playing it immensely and I am looking forward to having it as my companion for some time." Bob Davidson Almonte On (re violin #68)

"Just wanted to share with you that your violins are being very much enjoyed and played by Andrew and Diana.
Andrew was awarded “Best Intermediate Violinist” in the North York Music Festival (NYMF) and was asked to showcase in the Gala playing the Csardas.
He has been invited to compete in the Provincials next week.  And of course, all on your violin.                                                                                         Violin # 50       http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ca1KChC7iU

 Diana won a Gold Medal in Strings in the NYMF too. And of course, on your violin. Violin # 201273
They also played the Bach Double and the adjudicator said they blended and sounded so well together. Brother and sister violins!
Just wanted to share this bit of classical success with your violins with you."

Sincerely, Joanne Dawydchak, Etobicok On.

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