Goodeburm was born a short while ago and has the pleasure of inviting you for a visit around its new web site.
You will see the females who produced my kittens as one of them (a boy) became grand Premier and another (a female) became Champion. Of course, the mothers aren’t always perfect but the fathers are. This enabled me to have 3 cats which have been competing in shows including a champagne female, now living in France. Sometimes, the father has a small flaw and it’s possible to correct it with the right female, or so we hope. Isn’t it the way to better the breed? Taking the best attributes of one added to the best qualities of another hoping to get the best cats possible in a litter. It will be these beautiful babies which will start their career in the show ring as long as they enjoy it, as some don’t really appreciate parading for the two-legged being and would much rather stay in the comfort of their home with their own kind.

I would like to thank Isabelle Marchand from Burmania cattery to have given me the opportunity to start Goodeburm cattery with two of her breeding females. With time, we bred my 2 girls with her 2 studs who started their career earlier on.
I would also like to thank Mrs. Donna Stewart from Brenwood cattery in California for her trust in giving me one of her sable kitten named Cappuccino which will become the father of my future kittens. 
Thanks to Isabelle Bellavance for her precious advices and conversations on genetics and for the many shows which we shared around the North Atlantic region. What fun we have doubled with talks and late night grooming!
Because of these three wonderful ladies, I now can enrich my life long passion for cats especially for the Burmese. 
One day Burmese, forever Burmese.
Thanks to Isabelle Beaulieu for this beautiful web site which you can now visit while enjoying Chopin’s soft melody, himself a cat lover.
Anne Micheline Pivin

A brief history
It was around the 1930’s that Dr. Thompson imported from Birmania a pair of Burmese cats but unfortunately one died soon after. Dr. Thompson had to breed his female with what seemed to him the closest : A seal point Siamese while selecting the ones which looked the most like the original Burmese. 
It would be in 1936 that the CFA (Cat Fancier’s Association) recognized the Burmese as a breed.
A lot of exchanges were made between North America and Great Britain and of course discords would follow. This is the reason why, today, there are differents categories of Burmese: Traditionnal Burmese, Comtemporary or American Burmese and the Europeen Burmese.

The Burmese is a very smart being, active and vocal cat. Generally, he likes to climb high on furnitures. He loves to climb on our back and snuggle in our neck especially when its time to clean his litter pan. What pleasure he has when his master writes; he has to catch the moving pen, then bite it or play with the master’s hand. And when it comes to reading, oh well, forget it because this small fur ball, young or old, innocently sits on the page we’re reading or just on the open book, question of knowing who’s really the master of the place. He was born to be an acrobat, likes the company of other four-legged and gets along well with children. He is an active and happy cat but when he has outrun everyone throughout the house, he wants nice hands to cuddle him and a good lap to sleep on. Of course, he will be in heaven if he can sleep under the covers. 

The Burmese cat likes to travel by himself or with his kind. Even though he can easily adapt, he is a very loyal cat in his house.

One day Burmese, forever Burmese

On my part, I became a Burmese breeder because of my love for the breed but also by chance. One day, I received as inheritance a very beautiful sable girl. Since she had already won her CFA titles, she was retired and sold in Canada to a coworker. This coworker was herself a breeder but having asthma made it impossible for her to keep yet another cat in her house. So when her parents passed away in a short time apart, I inherited of the beautiful Lady Ling. That’s how the love story between us started. When she was 18 years old, I started to search for another Burmese before Lady Ling departed this world. Unfortunately, the lady breeder who worked with my coworker was not longer breeding and my cat passed on before I could find another Burmese breeder.

One day when I went to my vet, I asked her if she knew of a Burmese breeder and that’s when she handed me Isabelle Marchand’s business card. After talking, we realized we had someone in commun; My coworker ex-breeder. Her wonderful stud was bred to one of Isabelle’s girl. I had the chance of getting a sable girl, Penelope, which was the girl of Shadoux’s girl, my coworker’s stud who himself was Lady Ling’s nephew. That’s how worderful things can happen........

My breeding program, by its genetic diversity, enables me to obtain kitten in the four colors recognized by the Cat Fancier’s Association (CFA). The four colors are: sable, platinum, champagne and blue. All my cats are registered CFA and CCA (Canadian cat association)

If you would like to discover my passion on pictures, I’m inviting you to take a look at each sections. Enjoy yourself! 

Anne-Micheline Pivin
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
(514) 259-5205

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