Claudine Pieters was born in Brussels. She is established in Canada since 1979.

Ever since her early age, she is fascinated by the visual arts. But it is really only in 1988 that she follows courses at the Art School Mission Renaissancel in Montreal where she had the chance to follow the courses of two teachers, Helène Béland and Daniel Brient, highly talented canadian artists.
In 1996, she pursued painting lessons with Gilles Poisson, a famous and well known artist, with whom she learned creation. It is with him that she discovers happiness to create, to imagine and especially to paint memories of her childhood.
In 1999, she has relocated in Quebec City. She is fascinated by the beauty of the City and the St-Lawrence River which inspire her very much.

She becomes a permanent exhibitor at the : She takes part in many group exhibitions, in particular at the :
  • Museum of Civilization, Quebec (1998),
  • au Museum Marc-Aurèle Fortin, Montréal (1999),
  • Bagatelle, Sillery (2000),
  • Festival Arts et Reflets, Château-Richer, every year since 2001,
  • exhibitions organized by the Société d'Art et d'Histoire de Beauport ;: Mots gourmands et goûters au soleil (2003) - Le temps des fêtes (2004-2005) - Vision du Bonheur (2006-2007).
She is not worried to paint children in every life, scenes of the past in the streets of Quebec or in villages of the Côte de Beaupré. Her trademark is always to include an intrigue with some of humour in each of her paintings.

On of her paintings, Un monde meilleur pour nos enfants, has been realized by children of the educational home « La Maisonnette » in Mâcon (France). It was inaugurated on January 5, 2016.

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