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My English corner... indeed quite small, but growing.

Here are the few writings of mine that were translated in English:

TakeFiveExclusively on the Web : six of my short stories, in English.
A Texan living in Ireland had a great idea : she translated six short stories of mine and offers them on the Web. You can buy all six (about 100 pages) for only 2,99$ US. Or get a free sample.

N I hate hockey, novel.
(Baraka Books, Montreal, 2011)
Translation: Peter McCambridge
Also available in digital form (in iBooks format on Apple's App Store and in Kindle Edition at Amazon; maybe elsewhere).

Introduction to Montreal,
an album of photographs by Mia and Klaus
(Libre Expression, Montreal, 1983).
Translation: Sheila Fishman.
For a short excerpt, click here.

The man who stopped trains
a short story, was published in
Intimate Strangers,

edited by Matt Cohen & Wayne Grady
(Penguin Books, Toronto, 1986)...

...and in The Many Worlds of Literature
(by Stuart Hirschberg,
Macmillan Publishing Company,
New York, 1994).
Translation: Matt Cohen

You will also find an excellent comparative study of La Tribu in New World Myth - Postmodernism & postcolonialism in Canadian fiction,by Marie Vautier (McGill-Queen's University Press, 1998)

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