Beware! I share with you the negative experiences I`ve had with these Genesis water distillers.

I used my Genesis water distiller almost every day for 10 months without any problems. One day, in July 2003,I started my Genesis water distiller as usual. After a few hours I returned to the room where I kept my Genesis water distiller and realized it was on fire! The fire was so dense, I had to use my fire extinguisher to put out the flames!

I came to conclusion that the ``thermo switch`` on my Genesis water distiller ceased up and prevented the unit from shutting itself off, causing it to continue operating without water. This caused the bottom to melt and the unit caught on fire. Luckily I was home.

My friend who also owned the same model, Genesis water distiller 6000, had a negative encounter with his distiller just a couple of days before I did. He started his Genesis water distiller and after making distilled water for a short while, it stopped working. My friend has never been able to restart it again. The reset button on his Genesis water distiller jammed up. He tried to have the broken part repaired or replaced locally, but nobody could get this specific part.

Since both Genesis water distillers were still under warranty, we sent them back to the Genesis dealer where it was purchased from, in Toronto (Canada), hoping to get a new replacement unit for mine since it was damaged beyond repairs, and have my friend's distiller repaired.

Believe it or not, both Genesis water distillers have been in Toronto (Canada) since August 2003! The representative has refused to provide a new unit to replace the one that caught on fire! But he has provided the distiller that you see on this web site, as a replacement. This is a re-built unit, and it too, does not work.


As for my friend's water distiller, he is still waiting for a replacement part to come from the distributor in the U.S.!

Simply beware of this produt's defects and the poor after sale service that will follow! Thus, whether the Genesis water distiller is under warranty or not. Note: Genesis had to recall in the past the model 3000 manufactured in 1996 due to major defects: they were fire hazards!