About Me

Since 2006, I have been busy as a full-time stay-at-home mom. What that means is, apart from operating the household, I have been busy creating a little bit of magic in the lives of my children. How? By creating things to spark their imaginations. Building on my diploma in fashion design, I also taught myself about soft circuits so that I could bring a touch of whimsy to their clothing and maybe a little cool factor, with projects such as a firefly tunic where the LEDs fade in and out mimicking real fireflies. I also made an Ipod hoodie, where soft switches on the sweater connect to a hacked MP3 player and thus allow you to control the player via the sweater. I learned a great deal about the Lilypad Arduino by making a turn signal cycling jacket, following an on-line tutorial by Leah Buechley.

I enjoy acquiring new skills, and working with different materials. For example, I recently learned how to work with leather so that I could make my daughter a foraging purse. What kid doesn't need a little satchel for all their little treasures? Plus, I was getting a somewhat tired of having to carry rocks, dirt, twigs and acorns in my own purse! I've been keeping busy passing on my knowledge by volunteering at the local school, teaching 20 kids aged 6 to 9 how to sew on a sewing machine by organizing a weekly two-hour workshop.



McGill University, Montreal, Quebec

Bachelor of Arts - 1992-1995

Studied computer assisted mapping, remote sensing of the environment, geographic information systems and environmental impact assessments.


Lasalle College, Montreal, Quebec

Fashion Design Diploma - 1999-2005

Studied pattern making (manual and computer assisted), draping, textiles, costume history and visual and graphic processes.



Experience analyzing market trends and developing product lines from start to finish.
Abile to incorporate creative ideas in a cost effective manner.
Excellent knowledge of fibres and fabric construction.
Fluent in French, English and Spanish.
Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop.

Work Experience

Maillot Baltex, Montreal, Quebec

Junior Product Manager - 2002-2006

Created of a beachwear line from rough sketches to the final product.
Extensive trend research by attending industry conferences and analyzing past sales reports.
Responsible for fabric sourcing and pre-production orders.
Examined garment construction with patternmaker and contractors to cut production costs.
Responsible for garment specification sheets and costing.
Held meetings with clients and merchandising team to present yearly collections.

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Annabelle Olivier