Real name: Denis

Location: Bretagne, France

Age: 40

Ocupation: Manager assistant in a hotel-restaurant

Hobbies: ABBA, my friends and my family, Mixing music, take a ride with my dog on the beautiful Brittany's beaches, simply life !!!



About ChocolatIvoire

Abba fan since?  1976... Fernando... I was 14 and I remembered very well this time when I learned english with ABBA songs... After it was a real ABBA swirl during all my life.

How did you become an Abba fan? I didn't know that I was a fan... I liked  Fernando, Dancing Queen, Money Money... and I bought the 7'' ,  and the lp's and after... I bought ABBA without asking me any questions... I followed all about them in the magazines, and of course, I became ABBA fan club member... After that, it was evident: I was only listening ABBA and I became a fan who thaught he was the only one to love so much that music!

His favorite Abba song? Impossible to tell you : one thing is sure : there is always a song in harmony with my present feelings, then... I love very much  THE WINNER TAKES IT ALL, SUPER TROUPER, GIMME GIMME, TAKE A CHANCE ON ME, THE PIPER .......

Your personal remix that you are the most proud of? Like many remixers, I'm not always totally satisfy of my final mix... then I let you judge it.

Personal notes : A great thanks to Denis (Bricko) for his precious help... to all my ABBA friends met on the net...  I think of you very often, and my pleasure is to offer you these remixes continuing to live the ABBA sound. Thanks...

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 ChocolatIvoire Remixography

  1. Abba Arrival.exe (Happy New Year ChocolatIvoire Mix) (Flash Animation)

  2. Abba Pot Pourri 2005 (Chocolativoire Mix) 5:20

  3. Ahha (Techno mix by Chocolat Ivoire) 5:54

  4. Andante (Dolphin Chocmix)

  5. As Good As New (And Keep And Keep...Choco Mix) 6:56

  6. Automn Days (Extended By Choc) 5:53

  7. Chiquitita (Oriental Techno Mix By Chocolativoire) 5:49

  8. Dance While The Music Still Goes On (Extended 2002 Choc Mix) 6:02

  9. Elaine (Chocmix)

  10. Fernando (Can U Hear The Techno Drum By Chocolativoire) 5:31

  11. Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! A Man... A Man... A Man... After Midnight (Chocolativoire Extended Mix) 6:15

  12. Happy New Year (In The End Of By ChocolatIvoire) 5:20

  13. Head Over Heal (Chocmix) 2:28

  14. Hole In Your Soul (Let Me Tell Ya Mix By Choc) 4:19

  15. I'm A Marionette (So Free Mix By Choc) 7:32

  16. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do (Wooah Choc Mix) 4:32

  17. I Let the Music Speak (Chocolativoire Graphic Remix) 5:08

  18. Just Like That (Astral Mix By ChocolatIvoire) 7:28

  19. Kisses Of Fire (Nightmare 2002 Chocomix) 4:10

  20. Like An Angel Passing (Decktanhosen Menya Choc Mix) 6:17

  21. Lovers Live A Little Longer (Violin Echo Mix By Chocolativoire) 5:31

  22. Mamma Mia (Fizzy Choco Mix) 5:26

  23. Mamma Mia (Happy Peppy Choc Mix) 6:19

  24. Money Money Money (I'll Have To Go Chocmix) 3:52

  25. Money Money Money (Work All Day 2002 Choc Mix) 4:17

  26. One Of Us (Choc Mix) 5:26

  27. Pick A Ball Of Cotton (Paboc Mix) 6:51

  28. Should I Laugh Or Cry (Choco Pop Mix) 7:09

  29. SOS (Everything She Wants Seems So Hard 2002 Choc Mix) 4:42

  30. Slippin' Through My Fingers (Chocolativoire Rmx) 4:02

  31. Teacher's song (Choc 2002 Trance Mix) 4:12

  32. Thank You For The Music (Everyone Listens 2002 Mix) 4:01

  33. The Day Before You Came (Monolead Remix) 8:02

  34. The King Has Lost His Crown (Disaster 2002 Choco Mix) 5:39

  35. The Leading Lady (By ChocolatIvoire) 5:03

  36. The Name Of The Game (Would You Let Me Down By Choc) 5:42

  37. The Piper (Extended Chocmix)

  38. The Piper (Saltamus Choc Mix) 5:25

  39. The Visitors (Chocolativoire Instrumental Mix) 6:57 

  40. This Is Goodbye (KMKY 2002 Choc Mix) 4:58

  41. Tiger Behind You (2002 Choc Mix) 2:30

  42. Under Attack (Where To Go 2002 Choc Mix) 6:39

  43. Voulez Vous (Until We've Done It Chocolativoire Mix) 3:39

  44. Waterloo (Napoleon Mix 2002) 4:49

  45. What About Livingstone (Went To Buy Me A...ChocMix) 3:51

  46. Agnetha Faltskog - If I Thought You'd Ever Change Your Mind (ChocolatIvoire's Slamdum Mix) 4:26


Other Remixes by ChocolatIvoire


  1. Donna Summer - Baby I Want You (Could It Be Magic 2002 Choco Mix) 7:11

  2. Donna Summer - Could It Be Magic (Come Come Mix By Choco) 5:03

  3. Donna Summer - Hot Stuff (Extended Chocolativoire 2003 Mix) 8:38

  4. Donna Summer - Little Summer Mix (Chocolativoire Mix) 3:20

  5. Donna Summer - The 2002 Love's Unkind Mix (Donnabba) 3:00

  6. Donna Summer - This Time I Know It's For Real (Chocolativoire Arpeggiator Remix) 5:25

  7. Donna Summer - This Time I Know It's For Real (Chocolativoire Arpeggiator Remix) (Brickomania 6th Anniversary).exe 5:25 (Flash Animation)

  8. Olivia Newton John - A Little More Love (Reverb Mix By Choc) 4:08

  9. Olivia Newton John - Gimme Gimme Gimme Some Lovin' (Mix By Choc) 6:28

  10. Olivia Newton John - Talk To Me (Aquarium Mix By Chocolativoire) 5:48