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About Nicko

Abba fan since: 1992 when i get ABBA Gold in Christmas present.

How did you become an Abba fan? When i get ABBA Gold i was totaly sold out in a few time i had every song ABBA released.

His favorite Abba song? Always had and will always be The Winner Takes It All

Your personal remix that you are the most proud of? Voulez-Vous (Extended Nicko Remix 2003)

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Nicko Remixography

  1. Rock Me (Extended Nicko Remix 2003) 3:52
  2. That's Me (Nicko To Kevin Mix 2003) 3:20
  3. Tiger (Nicko Remix) 2:42
  4. Voulez-Vous (Nicko Remix) 4:32
  5. Voulez-Vous (Extended Nicko Remix 2003) 7:47
  6. When All Is Said And Done (Nicko Remix 2003) 3:00