Born in Boston on December 31 1948, Donna Adrian Gaines of her true name, results from a family of 7 children. Since her youth, she sings in chorals and at the church and discovers the power of her voice. At the age of 18 , she leaves Boston for New York to make career. She got a role in Germany for the musical Hair and several small contracts. She also meets an actor of the name Helmut Sommer which she married, marriage which lasted little of time. Of this union, her first daughter Mimi was born.

In 1974, Donna met Giorgio Moroder and Pete Belotte in Germany during a hearing. This meeting was the starting point of her career and no one could not suspect the resplendent success which awaited her. She launches her first album (available to Europe only) Lady of the night, who known a certain success.

Donna returns to America in 1975 and launches her first American album Love to love you baby. Success was immediate with this album which contains a 17 minute long version. She begin  the production of other albums which were such a bright success.  In 1976, A Love trilogy known a success with the song Try me I know we can make it and Could it be magic . At the end of the same year, a third album was born, Four  seasons of love. In 1977, Donna launches I remember yesterday which contains one of her larger hit I feel love . Still today, this song crosses the times and was even remixed in 1995 and been still successful on the British charts. The same year she launches her first double album, Once upon a time.

In 1978, Donna appears in the movie Thanks God it's Friday whose track Last dance won a Grammy. The same year, she launches her second double album Live and more which contains new titles, MacArthur Park and Heaven knows . But it is in 1979 that she known the most resplendent success with the exit of her third and fourth double albums Bad Girls and On the Radio which includes the tracks Hot Stuff , Bad girls, On the radio and No more tears (with Barbra Streisand).

But the disco music  ending, Donna known with brilliance to change a little style and turned to the Eighties with new albums which confirmed that the queen of the disco music was always  vibrating and that her voice would still carry us for long years.

The Eighties were much more difficult for Donna Summer. Change of record company, change of musical style, a second marriage from which 2 other children came, a lesser success, a double album  (her 5th) unreleased in 1982 which came out finally in 1996 only. Changes which affected her professional and private life. But time made its work and she known how to keep the control of her life as much personal than professional.

In 1980 Donna began the decade with The wanderer, new wave album style. It was in 1982 at  the exit of her album " Donna Summer " which she found  the  lost notoriety  since 1980. Her third album of the decade She works hard for the money knew a brilliance success in 1983. Thereafter in 1984, Cats without claws made his appearance on the market but with an average success. It is necessary to wait 3 other years before having a new album in 1987 All systems go which known no better success here in Canada. But in 1989, return in strength with her new album Another places and time  which contains the track This time I know it's for real. Other albums of style Greatest hits has also appeared, Walk Away (1980), The Summer collection (1985) and The dance collection (1987) but without new songs.

The Nineties were more promising for Donna. In fact,  a less great number of album appeared, but our Diva offers us various songs  whose powerful voice always charms us 15 years later. In 1991 Mistaken identity makes its appearance and wasn't  successful as discounted in spite of excellent songs. In 1993, The Donna Summer Anthology made its appearance and the fans can discover 2 new songs of her non-released album in 1982,  I'm a rainbow and Don't cry for me Argentina . We discover by the same occasion, the track Carry on produced in collaboration with Giorgio Moroder. The following year, 2 albums make their appearance,  Endless Summer, a greatest hits package presenting 2 news excellent songs, Melody of love and Any way at all , and also a christmas album, Christmas spirit, whose interpretation is quite simply divine. We should still wait thereafter 5 long years to have a new original album, Live and more encore!, appeared in 1999 and containing 3 new songs (6 on the video and 7 on the dvd). I will go with you (Con te partiro) , Love is the healer, My life . The video cassette of the concert as well as the DVD contain 5 other new songs (Someone to watch over me, If there is music there, Riding through the storm, Don't wanna work, Nobody) .

Once again, several greatest hits make their appearance during this period: The best of (Germany 1990), This time I know it's for real (Europe 1991), Master series (Germany 1997), Greatest hits (1998), The Collection (Europe 1998), Millennium Edition (Europe 1999).

During this period, 3 hits were remixed and were the object of a new Cd single: I feel love (1995), The state of independence (1996) and Carry on (1997 and 1998). The album I'm a rainbow was finally released in 1996 after 14 years put on the shelves.   Several new titles made their appearance like duet and soundtrack, Does he love you? (duet with Liza Minnelli 1996), Whenever there is love (duet with Bruce Roberts of the movie Daylight 1996), My prayer for you (various artists 1999). Several songs were also remixed in 1999 by fanremixers.

Years 2000 seem very promising for the Donna's career. A new contract with Epic records, the very awaited exit of her new album, and an autobiographical musical review, which we hope for,  will be play in Broadway.

In 2000, Donna offered us five new songs to be patient till the new album. Dreamcatcher (from the movie Naturally native), When I look up (duet with Darwin Hobbs), The power of one (from the movie Pokemon 2000), When the dream never die (The mercy project), and Rosie Christmas, extract from the album Another Rosie Christmas. She was also of the distribution of the famous show Divas live 2000.

In 2003, we had the chance to hear 3 new songs from her album The journey (another greatest hits) that includes You're so beautiful, I will live for love and That's the way. And we're still waiting for her new album!In 2004 and 2005 Donna made many appearances in the United States and Europe and we heard many impressive duos. But it's 2005 that we finally hear new material, Power of love, a tribute song to Luther Vandross, Are you brave?, and finally I got your love, heard in the serie Sex and the city in 2003. For sure, other greatest hits has also appeared. The millenium collection (2003), Ultimate collection (Holland) and Gold (2005). But the tour will continue in 2006...