Real name: Alejandro

Location: Guadalajara, Jalisco, México

Age: 37

Ocupation: Computer programmer

Hobbies: Listen to music, make remixes of the songs I like, Listen to music,Listen to music, Listen to music and Listen to music and if it is LOUD much better.

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About Alexmx

Donna Summer fan since: 1980, since I listened to "Try me, I know we can make it" for the first time.

How did you become a Donna Summer fan? When I got the Love Trilogy Album and listened to "Could it would be magic" I just loved her and wanted to listen more of her. I love her voice.

His favorite Donna song? There are some: On my Honor, Once upon a time, Fairy tale High, I love you, Try me, I know we can make it, Could it would be magic, McArthur Park, Bad Girls Sunset People, and more :-)

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AlexMx's Remixography


  1. Fairy Tale High Part 3 (AlexMx Remix) 8:02
  2. I Love You Part 4 (AlexMx Remix) 9:21
  3. On The Radio (Gloria Mix By AlexMx) 8:58
  4. Once Upon A Time (AlexMx Megamix Whole Mix) 29:57 *
  5. Once Upon A Time Intro Part 1 (AlexMx Remix) 3:39
  6. Once Upon A Time Part 2 (AlexMx Remix) 8:54

    * Once upon a time whole mix is the reunion of the 4 parts remix listed below, but they are avalaible in four separate parts.



Other Remixes by Alexmx
  1. Boney M - Rivers Of Babylon (Alex Home Remix) 12:37

And some other extended versions that Alexmx has made and keep in his vault.