Real name: Cavin

Location: Winnipeg, Canada.

Age: 45

Ocupation: rehab health care

Hobbies: remixing (obviously), film, reading, fitness, music of all kinds



About Bentboy

Donna Summer fan since: 1976

How did you become a Donna Summer fan? I was 18 yrs old and at my first I walked in I heard Love to Love You playing on the dancefloor..I went straight to the DJ to ask who it was..have been hooked since.

His favorite Donna song? A 3 way tie between Could It Be Magic, I Will Go With You and Love's Unkind.

Personal notes:  Also am a singer/songwriter . Am currently working on a collection of my own songs and working on remixes of them as well as a full list of new Donna Summer remixes.


Text = Songs in my collection

Text = Songs not in my collection

Text = Songs posted as the song of the week



Bentboy's Remixography

  1. A Man Like You (Bentboy's Sexual Healing Mix) 7:23
  2. Can't We Just Sit Down (Bentboy's Torch Song Club Mix) 9:34
  3. Cats Without Claws (Bentboy's Kittens With Whips Mix) 8:52
  4. He's A Rebel (Bentboy's Love's Unkind Mix) Featuring The Bent-O-Lettes 9:10
  5. If There Is Music There (Bentboy's Follow Your Heart Mix) 11:00
  6. If You've Got It Flaunt It (Bentboy's What The Funk Mix) 8:50
  7. I'm A Rainbow (Cavin B's Bentboy In Oz Mix 2004) 7:16
  8. Oh Billy Please (Bentboy's Discoteque Symphonique Mix) 10:42
  9. On The Dancefloor 2003 (Cavin B's Bentboy Mix) 10:18
  10. She Works Hard For The Money (Bentboy's Back To Motorcity Mix) 8:47
  11. Someday (Bentboy's Motor City Gogo Mix) 6:36
  12. Sometimes Like Butterflies (Bentboy's Disco Metarmophomix) 9:47
  13. Sweet Romance (Bentboy's Pink Flamenco Mix) 8:29
  14. Who Do You Think You're Foolin' (Bentboy's Strings Attached Mix) 8:01