Real name: Cathy

Location: Long Island, NY, USA

Age: Changes every year ;-)

Ocupation: Pharmacy Technician and Ordinary Diva

Hobbies: Music, internet, art, and vault raiding

email: webmaster@donna-tribute.com

url: http://www.donna-tribute.com


About C2K

Donna Summer fan since: 1978

How did you become a Donna Summer fan? I heard Donna perform a song on TV, so I went out and bought the album. Then I bought the next album. Then the next one. Then all the ones I missed..... ;-)

Her favorite Donna song? Right now, Christmas Spirit is my favorite ballad and Love Is The Healer is my
favorite dance song. That is subject to change without notice, depending on my mood. :-)

Personal notes: Hmmmm - personal notes? B-flat? C-sharp? How are those?


Text = Songs in my collection

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Text = Songs posted as the song of the week


C2K's Remixography


  1. C2K Human Excitement Mix 9:26
  2. C2K I Phil Luv And More Medley 13:50
  3. C2K Paul Jabara Diva Medley 7:33
  4. DST Exclusive medley 15:17
  5. Hot Love (Donna Vs Cher C2K Mix) 5:56
  6. Hot Stuff (C2K Moroder Mix) 4:09
  7. If You Believe (Donna Summer Vs Tahisha) (C2K Healer Mix) 3:19
  8. Love Is The Healer (C2K Extension) 4:16
  9. Love On & On (C2K Perfect Beat Mix) 6:56
  10. MacArthur Park (C2K Wrong Record Edit) 5:11
  11. No More Tears (C2K No More Bells Re-Edit) 8:22
  12. Reflections (Donna Vs Diana C2K What Could Have Been Mix) 3:06
  13. Starting Over Again (C2K Sudano Vs Sudano Edit) 4:09
  14. Take Heart (C2K Someone Let The Kids Out In The Rain Re-Edit) 6:27
  15. Take Heart/When The Dream Never Dies (C2K Rainy Day Edit) 7:45
  16. Thinkin' 'Bout My Baby (September 11 Edit) 6:37
  17. When The Dream Never Dies (C2K Dreamy Extended Mix) 5:25