Dj Danny


Real name: Danny

Location: Houston, Texas, USA

Age: 37

Ocupation: dj discjockey at partys wedding. Mobile dj.

Hobbies: Remixing top 40 music into dance trax, painting pictures, and buying records all the time...



About Dj Danny

Donna Summer fan since: I've loved Donna Summer since Love to love you baby. 1976 I was 11 yrs old.

How did you become a Donna Summer fan? I became a fan when Donna recorded "This time i know it's for real" I wrote the record label and they enrolled me in the Donna Summer Fan Club&newsletter. My letter to the fan club was published in the newsletter! Donna's Music is one of my passion, disco records is another passion of mine. I love the old Casablanca 12"singles, and i try to collect all of them, some day.

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Dj Danny's Remixography

  1. 20th Century Masters Megamix - Dj Danny 15:20
  2. Autumn Changes (Dj Danny 2003 Club Mix) 7:16
  3. Autumn Changes (Dj Danny Mix) 5:25
  4. Black Lady (Breakbeat Mix) 3:45
  5. Grand Illusion (Energy Bunny Mix) 3:56
  6. Highway Runner (Dj Danny's Winter 03 Mix) 7:22
  7. I Feel Love (Fast Fresh And Hot Mix Dj Danny) 5:28
  8. Love Is Just A Breath Away (Deep In The Nite Mix or Hiphop mix) 3:45
  9. Love To Love You Baby (Drunk Dj's Mix) 9:15
  10. Love's Unkind (Thumping Discomix Dj Danny) 7:16
  11. Stop Me (Dj Danny's Volt Remix) 6:03
  12. Summer Fever (Dj Danny's 2003 Mix Edit) 3:03
  13. Summer Fever (Global Groove Mix By DJ Danny) 6:24
  14. Sunset People (Dj Danny & Speedy mix) 6:22
  15. Take Me (Geek Mix Dj Danny) 4:57
  16. Wasted (Danny Shaved His Legs For This Mix!) 5:07



Other remixes by Dj Danny

  1. Abba - If It Wasn't For For Danny's Mix 6:56

  2. Abba - Mamma Mia (815 To Nowhere Mix Dj Danny) 4:50

  3. Abba - Voulez Vous (Speed Limit Mix Dj Danny) 7:49

  4. Abba - When All Is Deep Inside (Dj Danny Mix) 3:57

  5. Abba - When I Kissed The Teacher (Dj Danny Twat Mix) 3:54

  6. Abba - When I Kissed The Teacher (Party Boy Mix Dj Danny) 3:05

  7. Bellemy Brother - Let Your Love Flow remix Dj Danny 4:40

  8. Dj Danny - All Purpose Megamix 43:34

  9. Donna Vs Daniel Beddingfield by Dj Danny Mix 10:07

  10. Hot Gypsy Blood Dj Danny 4:09

  11. Roberta Kelly Megamix Dj Danny 13:50