Real name: Phil

Location: North West UK

Age: 47

Ocupation: Business Owner (Hair Salon)

Hobbies: Keyboards,Guitar, Music Technology.

Email: klykthemixer@aol.com


About Klyk

Donna Summer fan since : 1976

How did you become a Donna Summer fan? I knew of Love to love you baby and really liked it.But it was in a Manchester Disco that I heard the DJ play 'Try me' and I was just blown away by it, and the fact that it was a 17 min song really captured my imagination I went out to buy it and 'Love to Love' the next day and have been a great fan of Donna ever since.

His favorite Donna song? There are so many but I think MacArthur Park Suite, Mystery of Love and Last Dance are 3 of my top ones.

Personal notes : I am something of a songwriter myself (not a singer though LOL) and am currently in the middle of a few scoring ideas for film and TV, trying to get a demo together which I will hopefully send around to companies. And I am always remixing things.

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Klyk's Remixography

  1. Donna's Mish Mash (Klyk Extended Remix) 13:26

  2. I Feel Love Years (Klyk Remix)(Donna Vs Kylie) 6:44

  3. I Got Your Love (Klyk Extended Dance Mix) 6:46

  4. I Got Your Love (Klyk's Techno Remix) 6:21

  5. I Will Go With You (Crazy Remix Edit By Klyk) 6:57

  6. Love To Love You Baby (Klyk Sexy Remix) 4:25

  7. Melody Of Love (Klyk Lounge Mix) 8:28 

  8. Our Love (Klyk NRG Remix) 7:45

  9. Our Love (Klyk Remix) 8:26

  10. Spring Affair (Klyk Mix) 9:49

  11. Tokyo (Klyk Smooth Remix) 5:57

  12. You're So Beautiful (Klyk NRG Remix) 9:12

Other remixes by Klyk

  1. C.C. Catch - Soul Survivor (Klyk Remix) 5:41

  2. Martinique - No Regrets (Klyk Echo Mix) 4:05

  3. Nolans - Crashing Down (Klyk Edit) 4:04

  4. Sakis Rouvas - Shake It (Extended Klyk Mix) 4:22

  5. Sandie Shaw - Puppet On A String 2006 (Klyk Hi-nrg Mix) 4:49

  6. Suzy Q - Can't Live (Klyk NRG Mix) 7:13

  7. Various - 2000 Medley (Mix By Klyk) 48:54

  8. Various - 80's Medley (Mix By Klyk) 1:19:25

  9. Various - 90's Medley (Mix By Klyk) 1:12:50

  10. Various - Almighty Medley (Mix By Klyk) 36:13

  11. Various - Hi NRG Megamix (Mix By Klyk) 1:19:54

  12. Various - The Klyk Megamix (Edited Version) 49:02