Q or Quique


Real name: Enrique

Location: Valencia, Spain

Age: 35

Ocupation: Civil servant and DJ

Hobbies: Everything about music; drawing; reading books and comics; movies...

email : qjgm@hotmail.com


About Quique

Donna Summer fan since: 1977

How did you become a Donna Summer fan?  I can remember having heard Donna's songs on the radio long before I related the music to the name of the artist. It wasn't until 1977, when I was 9, when I fell in love with a song, which name and the person who sang it I had to learn in order to go to the store and ask for it. The song was "I remember yesterday" and the name was Donna Summer. When I went to buy it, I was so disappointed that they didn't have the single (in fact, I don't even know if that song was a single here in Spain). But, though there wasn't "I remember yesterday", there was "Donna Summer". There was this single, "I feel love", which the vendor told me I'd like it too (I'll never know why he thought that because the two songs have absolutely nothing to do). Who knows? Maybe he had powers to see the future and knew that I'd become a die-hard fan of the artist. The truth is that I liked a lot the song (maybe not as much as IRY, at that time) and I deeply fell in love with the b-side "Can't we just sit down". I still have that first single somewhere, though I doubt it can be still played because I don't know how many times I did it back then.

Then, another day, while listening to the radio, they played a song I really loved. When they said the name of the artist, I understood that this woman still had a lot of things to tell me. Her name was (again) Donna Summer and the song was (though I didn't know that very moment) "Could it be magic". So there I went again to the store looking for that song. And again I found out that there wasn't a single of that song. So, though my echonomy wasn't very good at that tender age of 9, I dared to go to the albums section. I got to get that song! There were some LPs by Donna Summer, so I started to look for that song, which the only thing I knew of was that it contained the words "come into my..." (my English lessons had just started). Well, after reading all the titles of all the songs of all the albums, I bought an album with a song whose title had a similarity with what I was looking for. The song was "Come to me" and the album "A love trilogy". Oh, what a disappointment when coming back home I played that song the first! It wasn't bad, but it wasn't THE song either. Anyway, I played the whole album from the beginning and you can imagine what I felt when turning it over and listening to the first song of the B-side.

I got hooked with that Donna Summer lady. I loved both the IFL single and the ALT album, so it was only a matter of time (and saving) to go acquiring every note that's come out of her mouth. A task I'm still doing.

His favorite Donna song? It's always difficult to choose only one song. Some days it's "Could it be magic" and others it's "MacArthur Park". But, definitely, it goes around those two.

Personal notes :  Sometimes I've thought about my admiration for Donna Summer and the way she's become that idol that, somehow, we all have. I mean, that someone who stands from the rest when it comes to the music I like. In fact, that admiration has a lot of irrationality, because, in spite of all her many qualities, I have to admit that, musically, I haven't really liked much of the music she's done in the past two decades; and definitely I don't agree with most of her views of the world and philosophy of life. In fact, these subjects are ones that, if she wasn't Donna Summer, would put me very away from her.

But there she is. When I hear or read the name Donna Summer there's this little chill going up and down my spine. When I've watched her in concert, I tremble with each note (and this just from watching videos, so imagine if I ever got to see her really live!).

As a psychologist, I've analyzed that phenomenon and come to satisfying scientifical conclusions... But there's this phrase by another Donna's fan and friend of mine, Sandro, which perfectly resumes that scientific theory giving it a beautiful and warmer context: She awakes the child in me. Because of that, "winds may come and winds may blow", but she'll always be with me.


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Quique's Remixography

  1. A Q'd Megafanmix 15:33
  2. Come With Me (Q2K Come To Mix) 8:02
  3. Fascination 2001 (Q's Deja Vu Mix) 6:34
  4. Faster And Faster To Nowhere (Q's Faster Trip Mix) 9:01
  5. Heaven Knows (Q2002 The E-Q-ual Treatment Fanmix) 7:40
  6. Heaven Knows (Q's The E-Q-ual Treatment Pre-Remix) 6:38
  7. I Believe In You (Q2002 & Love Unlimited Fanmix) 7:08
  8. I Believe In You (Q2002 I Believe In Dub) 7:29
  9. I Do Believe (I Fell In Love) (Q's Mezcla De Baile) 11:46
  10. I Do Believe (I Fell In Love) (Q2002 Re-Mezcla De Baile) 9:16
  11. I Got Your Beautiful Power Of Love (Q's Alternate Cut Suite) 18:14
  12. I Got Your Beautiful Power Of Love (Q's Cut Suite) 17:30
  13. I Got Your Love (L.E.X. Dub Q's Completed) 8:19
  14. I Got Your Love (L.E.X. Dub Q's Cut) 5:57
  15. I Got Your Love (Ralphi Rosario Dub Q's Cut) 5:24
  16. I Got Your Love (Ralphi Rosario Dub Q's Fixed) 9:20
  17. I Got Your Love (Ralphi Rosario Vox Q's Cut) 6:03
  18. I Will Live For Love (Q2003 Clubber Edit) 7:16
  19. I'll Be Home For Christmas (Q2002 In Dreams Fanmix) 7:46
  20. I'm Free (Q's Out From Under Shadows Mix) 9:03
  21. Je T'aime Moi Non Plus 2000 (Q2K Plus Ultra Mix) 7:41
  22. Last Dance (Q's For The Good Ole Days Mix) 10:29
  23. Leave Me Alone (Q2002 No Hot Stuff Fanmix) 7:57
  24. Looking Up (Q's Optimix) 9:05
  25. Love Is The Healer (Q's Thunderadiodubedit) 5:39
  26. Love On & On (Perfect Beat Q's Cut) 10:03
  27. My Life 2001 (Q's Life Extension Mix) 7:54
  28. No More Tears (Q's Puzzle Mix) 15:14
  29. No More Tears (Q's Unleashed Mix) 9:38
  30. On The Radio Suite 3 (Q's Cut) 32:38
  31. Once Upon A Time (Q's Fairy Tale Suite Fanmix Demo) 8:42
  32. Once Upon A Time Suite (Q's Happily Ever After Fanmix) 27:24
  33. Our Love (Q2k Feel Forever Mix) 8:13
  34. Power Of Love (Offer Nissim Q's Cut) 4:11
  35. Protection (Duet version - Frustated Version (With Bruce Spreensteen) 3:38
  36. Q's On The Radio Suite 1 38:29
  37. Rosie Christmas (Q2k Feliz Navidad Mix) 7:42
  38. Rosie Christmas (Q2k Prospero Aņo Nuevo Mix) 11:53
  39. Suite Electronica (Q's Cut) 46:24
  40. Summer Fever (Q's Deep Makeover) 8:58
  41. Take Me 2000 (Q2k Take Mix) 6:53
  42. The Power Of One (Q's Unity Mix) 8:47
  43. This Time I Know It's For Real 2005 (Q05-07 Mix) 6:25
  44. Through Time And Love (Q's Magical Mystical Journey) 7:54
  45. Try Me 2001 (Q's Flavor Mix) 9:49
  46. Try Me I Know We Can Make It (Q's Cut) 8:11
  47. Wasted 2000 (Not Wasted Anymore Remix) 7:14
  48. We're Gonna Win (Q's Re-Construction) 5:04
  49. Whispering Waves (Q2K Summer Breeze Mix) 8:54
  50. You're So Beautiful (Q's Reconstruction 2) 6:43 

There are some other secrets re-edit and stuff from Quique that are remained into his vault.


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