Real name: Roderik

Location: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Age: 34

Ocupation: trainer/counselor

Hobbies: piano, music in general, history, writing

email : r.bender@concepts.nl


About RKB

Donna Summer fan since: 1978

How did you become a Donna Summer fan? When MacArthur Park was a hit, but it became an addiction after Bad Girls one year later.

His favorite Donna song? MacArthur Park has to be my favorite Donna song, but Love To Love You Baby and Lush Life follow.

Personal notes : Usually, while mixing, my aim is not to modernize her songs by giving it a modern beat. I merely want to combine various song parts of different versions into one coherent mix, preferably under 10 minutes. I know I really have succeeded when I prefer my own mixes over Donna’s originals.

Donna is great to mix because her voice is so beautiful yet so strong that it still stands out even after many overdubs.

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RKB's Remixography

  1. Bad Girls (Rkb 2) 8:49
  2. Breakaway (Rkb’s Forget Mix) 7:39
  3. Donna Snapshots 25:56
  4. Eyes (Rkb’s Cats Stare Mix) 8:04
  5. Heaven Knows (Rkb Strings Mix) 6:17
  6. Heaven Knows (Rkb Un-Duet Strings Mix) 4:40
  7. Heaven Knows (Rkb Un-Duet) 4:24
  8. I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt (Rkb Tell Me Mix) 5:54
  9. I Feel Love (Rkb 1 Mix) 7:56
  10. I Feel Love (Rkb 2 Mix) 9:36
  11. I’m Free (Rkb 1st remix)  6:42 
  12. I’m Free (Rkb 2nd remix)  7:52 
  13. Love Is In Control (Rkb Complete Mix)  6:24
  14. Love Is The Healer (RKB I Feel Healed 2) 9:09
  15. Love’s Unkind/Ray Of Light (Rkb) – Donna Summer Vs Madonna  8:58
  16. Love To Love You Baby (Rkb 30th Anniversary Remix) 16:23
  17. MacArthur Park (Rkb Full Suite) 19:06
  18. Melody Of Love (Rkb 's Concise Remix) 5:07
  19. On The Radio (Rkb It’s Just O O O O Mix)  8:33
  20. Once Upon A Time (Rkb Remix) 8:43
  21. She Works Hard For The Money (Rkb Complete Mix)  6:53
  22. Someone To Watch Over Me (Rkb Duet Mix) – Donna Summer & Sting  6:16
  23. State Of Independence (Rkb Mix)  8:56
  24. State Of Independence (Rkb’s Murk Mix)  10:06
  25. State Of Independence (Rkb’s Murk Edit)  7:50
  26. The Power Of One (Rkb Remix)  11:34
  27. The Power Of One (Rkb Ruthless Edit) 11:34
  28. This Time I Know It’s For Real (Rkb 007 Mix)  8:22
  29. To Turn The Stone (Rkb Duet Mix) – Donna Summer & Frida  5:45
  30. When Love Cries (Rkb All Vocals Mix) 8:59
  31. Whenever There Is Love (Rkb Revisit 2)  10:50
  32. Whenever There Is Love (Rkb Revisit Edit)  4:52
  33. Work That Magic (Next To U Rkb Mix) 7:55

  Donna Re-editography

  1. Breakaway (Total Rkb Harding Re-Edit)  7:21
  2. Breakaway (Total Rkb Soulpower Re-Edit)  7:24
  3. Full Of Emptiness (Rkb 2nd Re-Edit)  4:11
  4. Hot Stuff (Rkb Re-Edit)  7:43  
  5. I Will Go With You (Rkb Lp Re-Edit) 5:03
  6. Last Dance (Rkb Re-Edit)  8:58  
  7. Love On And On (Rkb Re-Edit) 6:41
  8. MacArthur Park (Rkb)  10:53
  9. On The Radio (Rkb First Remix)  8:13  
  10. Power Of Love (Rkb Bone Re-Edit) 7:17
  11. Romeo (Rkb Re-Edit)  3:37
  12. Walk Away  (Rkb Re-Edit)  5:26
  13. When Love Takes Over You  (Rkb Re-Edit)  7:00


Other Remixes

  1. Abba - Dancing Queen (Long Rkb Remix 2) 5:57



Remixes commentary by RKB

In chronological order (sort of)  updated january 2005

This Time I Know It’s For Real (rkb 007 remix)

My first remix ever on a computer. This one and Work That Magic are very special to me for that reason. I have remixes on tape from my childhood of this track that also contain the 007-theme, but while working on it years later, I kept being amazed at what you can do with this track. Needless to say that I’ve always loved the original to bits, so I was motivated to keep some of the original structure intact at first (the original 12 inch remix just overdid the reshuffling a bit), but later I realized that I like the verse parts better than the chorus parts. It shows in the mix. The semi-instrumental part where Donna sings just “This Time…”  is definitely the best part, so that qualified it as the ending loop. Wanting to stretch that loop for as long as possible, I had to be inventive, and added her ending note on IWGWY, then a new track. Because it sounded so good, I searched for another note that could contribute. I found one subdue end note on All Through The Nights which, after modulation, was suitable, and resulted in something which, to me,  exceeds the original by far. Nice thing is that now it contains vocals from 3 decades (‘79, ‘89, ‘99).

Technically I would do things better, knowing what I know now, and I might do that sometime in the future, but somehow I think that this mix, with it’s flaws, can never be redone.


Work That Magic (rkb remix)

The second mix I ever made on a computer, and still one of my best, I think. It’s just hard to screw up on such a great song like this one, and while mixing it (again, an attempt to combine all nice pieces of various versions) I kept discovering great little sounds in the song which I could sample. Some of these samples just came out of “little mistakes” that I made while mixing: I often find that it pays to make those little mistakes because you discover great new things.

I never really liked the remixes of the song, so the original sound remained the base for me. I extrapolated some of the sounds that were almost lost in the fade-out of the original and put them in the middle to create an extra instrumental chorus, which works fine. The ‘next 2 U”-sample is one of the main ingredients for this mix, and I like the similarity with the same line in Dinner With Gershwin. I’m thinking of doing a touch-up of this remix, unfortunately I lost the master. But at the time I made it I was still so ignorant of a lot of the possibilities, so it may be worth the effort.

This song should have been a monster hit, even if it was a sound stolen from London Beat.


Love Is In Control (rkb re-edit)

This one is just a remake of what I made with the tape recorder when I was 14, and it speaks for itself. Great track.


She Works Hard For The Money (rkb re-edit)

Just a re-edit, nothing much. It’s not one of my favs. The only thing I did was add an extra rap of the word “HARD” sung buy  the backup singers, for which I had to change keys once. This whole version is from my original 12inch of the song; you can still hear it in the fact that my pickup plays the track a little bit too fast, something which I still have to correct.


I’m Free (rkb 1st & 2nd remix)

Another track that has always been in my Donna top 10, or at least in the top 15. I first did a re-edit of the 12 inch version and the lp version (rkb 1st remix), and then discovered voice sampling, so I redid it. Voice samples mostly come from the Mistaken Identity album (whether you like the album or not: Donna really shows off all her vocal stuff on that one!), namely Cry Of A Waking Heart and Friends Unknown. I also sampled a few lines from the song itself (“the line “voices in my head” stood out for me because it sounded so paranoid and because of the Police-track with almost the same name). There’s a piano chord sample of MAP at the end which gives this 80s computerized track an acoustic feel. This song should have been huge in 1984.


Hot Stuff (rkb re-edit)

A re-edit not aimed at anything but providing myself with a version that contains all available vocals. The Superstar-part is too loud, though, have to fix that some time. Okay song, just too well known, too often sung.


Walk Away (rkb re-edit)

What a great song! After more than 20 years, I’m still so impressed with the original that I did not dare yet to do anything like remixing the track, so this re-edit just serves as something for my own compilations. The ending loop was added later because I wanted to save the last great vocal lines from the fade-out. I just drool over the thought of outtakes of this song, after a few were let out on the Dance Collection cd.

 Redid it in 2003 with use of the Bad Girls remaster, and again in 2004, adding a constructed  instrumental fade-out. I got a new remix program that gives great results with karaoke effects, so now it ends at almost 6 minutes, with just the girls singing to the music, and Donna doing much deserved shopping.


Eyes (rkb’s cats stare mix)

This is an older mix, and still a favorite of mine, because the blending of the 12 inch version and the LP version that for me finally makes this song complete. The transponed synthesizer lines at the beginning also worked out well. The little pieces of other CWC tracks in the middle were added later when I wanted to make this song a bit more experimental. It has one little MAP-sample.

This used to be my fav CWC track, possibly still is, depending on what day it is...


On The Radio (rkb re-edit & rkb it’s just o-o-o-o-remix)

The first version I did was a re-edit, but the sounds of Donna’s version and Giorgio’s piano ballad didn’t match well enough, so I decided to redo it. Then I wanted to add more, and using samples of her live ’99 intro seemed like a good thing to do. I’m okay with “It’s really easy…” but the “Goddageddit”-part I’m not too happy with now. I LOVE the sampling of the trumpets in the middle. It was, again, one of those mistakes that stuck right in there. So it became the “It’s-just-o-o-o-o-“mix.

Nowadays I only play this version, and it’s hard to listen to another original version, because I keep missing the extensions… I used to only moderately appreciate this track, but now I like it a lot. The rhythm sound is very up-to-date, I think. 


State Of Independence (rkb remix)

Another old favorite. If I had known the official No Drum Mix at the time I made it, it might have resulted in a better mix, but the result still pleases me now. Highlights for me are the bang at the beginning, followed by the fade-in of the original ’82 drums, and the extended instrumental and modulated break after the sax solo. I tried to keep the structure of the original intact: why change something that was already perfect 20 years ago?


To Turn The Stone (rkb duet mix)

I never spent so much time on a mix as on this one. Near the end I lost the original and had to redo everything, so I can’t listen to this mix without remembering all the struggles and frustrations I had to get through to make it. When actually duetting, Donna could not help but kick Frida out of the mix volume-wise.

It was an early mix and knowing what I know now it would have been easy to make it, and much better. Maybe one day I’ll remake it because I know what the structure of the song will have to be like, exactly this one. Frida recorded her version with Phil Collins one year after the original Donna version was put on the shelves, and since Phil is another one of my heroes I own every note of , I made this mix. At that time I could not make song keys AND tempos match the way I can today, so that’s what made it so difficult. My main concern was to make Frida sing accompanied by the Donna version instrumental track, and vice versa. I think that  worked well, despite all the little faults. It still excites me to hear Donna sing to Phil’s drums!


Melody Of Love (rkb concise mix)

An older one, and I think it’s brilliant, even though I one day will have to fix the sloppy ending; I was in a hurry to finish it. The first and (up to now) only time I used a different beat as the base of a track. It’s from a very catchy song by a Dutch trumpet player called Saskia Laroo, and adding Donna’s accappellas and, foremost, the MAP samples give the song a very modern character, I think. It’s also an attempt to bring all of Donna’s vocals on the various versions of the song together, and I thought I succeeded, until I recently purchased another 12 inch with two unknown versions of the song L!


Someone To Watch Over Me (rkb duet mix)

Sting is one of my absolute heroes, and I’ve got nearly every note he officially brought out, just like I own every Donna note. Donna once said (I believe around 1983) that she would like to collaborate with The Police, so I decided to try & make it as possible as can be with the demise of The Police. The result is something that I come across frequently on the Internet, so  I hope Donna’s heard of it…

This tune by Gershwin is not one I like a lot, but the combination of these great voices just sends shivers down my spine even on this track. Sting sang a studio version for the film of the same name, but since Donna did a live version for her Live and More Encore-DVD, I ended up using Sting’s live version that he sang at the Grammy’s. Most remarkable discovery was that I had the same problem that Giorgio had in the early 70s when he tried to record Donna as a back-up singer: her vocals are so powerful that they overpower all other sounds! I really had to turn Sting’s volume up to make it equal. I pitched Sting up ½ note, and I pitched Donna down also ½ note so that they would sing in the same key.

One of the reasons this mix works well (why not admit it) is because of the lack of drums and other instruments besides piano. Drums and tempos can be hell if you want to make a mix. If you’re a pianist you’ll hear that one part in the instrumental break could never be played by one pianist alone.

At that time all of my Donna mixes contained a sample of MacArthur Park, as a tribute to her best song. By accident I succeeded in adding 2 piano chords from the MAP-intro into the piano solo. Mixing in a logical applause was another issue, because the audience at the Grammy’s were so much more subdue that Donna’s audience that cheered often during the song.

Lyrically the song makes sense because Sting sings in 1st person, and Donna in 3rd. At the end you hear Donna thanking the audience, and you’ll just hear Sting say: “WOW! Not bad for 2, 3 o’clock in the morning!” because I imagined them doing this song somewhere in a night club really late. 


Romeo (rkb re-edit)

Just something that needed to be done when I downloaded the original bootleg version. It’s not a great song (although Donna seems to like it) but it was not a lot of hard work either. I like the extrapolating of the bare drum track at the beginning, and also the adding of one drum beat twice in this mix. It makes the song less drum machiney for me.


When Love Cries (rkb’s all vocals mix)

The title says it all: it definitely contains all her vocals that were spread out on the various mixes of the song. The rarest one is one line from the very scarce promo edit. I also tried to make this song, that is not one of my favs, more appealing to myself. In order to do this I threw away most of the “hip hissss” lines and stuck to the original sound. I found a cow bell sound in there which I sampled a lot to add rhythm. Donna’s vocals are superb on this song!

This is a typical mix for me to make. I usually make a mix when I want to add up all nice segments of various versions of a song into a whole that still makes sense and is not over 10 minutes long.


Heaven Knows (rkb’s string mix, rkb’s strings un-duet, rkb un-duet)

I  first did the un-duet, to see if I could include Donna’s vocals on the Brooklyn Dreams version without needless repetitions. With mixed results, but I may find a better way in the future. Then at one point I found myself making a longer re-edit, which worked better, but the whole project completely took off in a worthwhile direction when I found out how I could manipulate the few seconds of frantic orchestra at the beginning. With that, it’s 70s disco at his best!


Breakaway (rkb forget mix, rkb total soulpower re-edit, rkb total harding re-edit)

It’s a remix again putting together some significant segments of the various versions. I’m still wondering if I went over the top with all the vocal sampling, but it’s on now. The ending loop somehow was hypnotizing to me, and I wanted to add something from outside the song but it took a little time before I got the idea of changing the key of the first line from Cry Of A Waking Heart to make it fit in.


I Don’t Wanna Get Hurt (rkb tell me remix)

Now this one I simply love! I remember hating most of the APAT album when it came out, especially this song, but the single remix was a great improvement. I think that a lot of SAW songs have a much nicer verse than chorus, so in this case I used the instrumental verses as the core of the song (the same way as I did with TTIKIFR) and went crazy with vocal overdubs. That way I could have stretched the song for ever, but at one point you have to consider the listener. I am very proud of Donna rapping “Bad Girls” with the “hurt”-word, although it is maybe a bit silly. I discovered using samples on separate channels (in stereo) while working on this mix.


When Love Takes Over You (rkb re-edit)

I have not found a way yet to make a remix of this song, so this re-edit may serve as remix material later. I’m thinking of doing something that I rarely do: adding a modern beat.

Somehow Donna’s SAW tracks are so easy to remix and re-edit.


Full Of Emptiness (rkb)

Just one thing that needed to be done, although I think the song is plain and a bit boring. It took a few minutes to complete. I may redo the slight mismatch in speed later…


Last Dance (rkb re-edit)

A re-edit. The known 8 minutes version is almost sufficient. I only added the extra vocal improvisation that was found on most compilation versions. Ripping all the versions of LD I have on I don’t know how many CDs was necessary to find out which sound qualities fitted together best. I used to not like the song too much, but now it has gained my appreciation.


Love’s Unkind/Ray Of Light (rkb)

Now this one had been haunting me for weeks and I kept reworking it, listening to various versions on and on, until I just decided to stick with whatever I had, which is not perfect but still okay and interesting. It somehow fascinates me how 2 songs so many years & even styles apart can be so similar!

The Ray Of Light version that is on is from a remix that I made a while ago, and I had to change the tempo of Love’s Unkind a lot to make it fit.


MacArthur Park (rkb)

Again, nothing special, just cutting out the two other songs included on the original suite. I don’t think I ever will mess with the original sound, which is nothing less than perfect until the time that outtakes of the original track are available.

Later I did one which includes the full One Of A Kind, and Heaven Knows, including the  7 inch-bits, resulting in a MAP-suite of over 19 minutes. That’s the way the suite should have been anyways!


Whenever There Is Love (rkb revisit & rkb revisit edit)

This song has been following me for over a year, like Dinner With Gershwin. Unlike DWG, however, my unfinished master track was not lost in a computer crash, so after a year I dared to try again. DWG will have to wait.

With this underrated track I knew I wanted to recreate the Donna tradition of starting with a ballad, and then quickly going to a dance track. Well…quickly…it takes a few minutes before there’s the dance beat of the original remixes setting in, but then you have heard some beautiful orchestral sounds of the original movie soundtrack, and a bit of the instrumental ballad.

This was a tough cookie, and it took a lot of effort to get where I wanted to be, because of the transition from ballad to dance song, and because of all the modulations that I had to create. There was also so much remix material to choose from. I used some sped up and manipulated sounds from the instrumental ballad version, to add a nostalgic orchestral feel that was not found on the original remixes.

My first version I listened to for some weeks in my car while driving to work, and I kept having the association with MacArthur Park, so I reopened the file and added some orchestra in the background of this track in some places. I skipped the tradition long ago to add MAP-samples in my Donna mixes some time ago, but here it just screamed for one. When I reopened the file, I also did an 4+ minutes edit which I wanted to sound like an edit Donna’s record company would have brought out as a single version in the old days. 


Carry On (4 mixes)

The CO-mixes came about because I couldn’t find a way to make one, comprehensive mix that was not getting boring. I wanted to include all various vocal bits that were put in all those mixes. They were not hard work, more or less just sifting through all the material and shuffling everything around.

Carry On 92 (rkb) is a re-edit of the 3 versions on the original cd single. Carry On 97 (rkb) uses all remixes that appeared that year, starting off with that wonderful campy Italo sound, followed by the relaxed mellow beat from the Hysteria mix (chiao belle!). Then there is Carry On 98 (rkb 1), more or less around that loveable Euro mix. Carry On 98 (rkb 2) came out of an editing mistake that I made, and somehow it became my favorite of the 4.


State Of Independence (rkb’s murk remix, rkb’s murk edit)

The 2 murk remixes just don’t go with the original SOI-sound, for one the tempo is too fast.  Being so different from the original mix, but still very nice, it deserved something of its own. It’s a re-edit, not a remix. I just rebuild the song from scratch, alternating the two chord structures and avoiding too many repetitions and still keeping  the vocals in and the beat going. Too bad I could not fix Donna sounding like a frightened canary.

The original was little more over 10 minutes (against my principles). I did an edit, but somehow it works less than the original.


The Power Of One (rkb remix, rkb ruthless edit)

Like with Whenever There Is Love, this mix starts like a ballad and then kicks off into a dance song. At the end it slows down again for a ballad conclusion. I used some soundtrack parts to make it more majestic.

Very often, with mixing, when you have a lot of versions, it takes forever to listen to and select the various bits that can be suitable. It’s painstaking. For this mix I needed my calculator, and wrote out 3 papers with data. The master tape is 70 minutes long, and the mix cost 3 evenings and almost a relationship!


La Vie En Rose (rkb re-edit)

A re-edit I had completely forgotten about. Making the re-edit did, however, appreciate me this song more, although it is not as good as what Grace Jones did with this song.


Love On And On (rkb)

I had ambitious plans for this song, but sound and music quality of the bootleg versions made me stick to the Hex remix for the most part. I consider it a premix until I can think of something else to do. This 6.41 re-edit also appears on compilations I make as the most preferred version.


Someday (rkb)

Maybe I wish that Donna hadn’t made this track, but she did, and here is the remix, the only way I can think of doing this song that makes it acceptable. There is a nice echo effect blending two pieces together in the middle.


Love Is The Healer (…too many formats to mention. The final mix, the one that appeared on the Internet is rkb I feel Healed 2)

This song has so many official remixes to choose from that I made several re-edits so I had a sort of ultimate JP mix, ultimate Thunderpuss mix, etcetera. Makes me worried to think about remixing IWGWY, that has more than 20 versions! From 9 remixes that finally resulted, I made the final “rkb I Feel Healed 2” mix. It starts with a few nice bits that I could not fit in with the other remixes. I left the munks in, they work so hard for their money. Then the Healed-version starts and I added a modulated sample of IFL, to further explore the original idea of the remixer that made this version. It was a lot of work to make it all fit, and the danger is that you overdo it in the beginning. But with the addition of the Thunderpuss extra vocals, this is the ultimate LITH mix for me now.


I Will Go With You (rkb lp re-edit)

This 5.03 mix uses only what Hex did himself with the song, and is meant as a premix, in order to get to know this song better for when I will make the final remixes. Never got around to those ones yet, but until then, this is the most complete version of the song, lengthened a bit with an instrumental intro


You’re So Beautiful (rkb mix & rkb edit)

A premix done with material that came available illegally through the Internet, I was happy with the two promos that Universal brought out, and very thankful for Tony Moran’s compilation album, which contains the beautiful dreamy intro to this song which should have been big. The mix practically made itself, and I’m very happy with the way it turned out. Better than any of the official versions, i.m.h.o.


I Feel Love (rkb 1)

I started this mix knowing two things: that I wanted to add Donna’s extra vocals that she had supposedly written originally, and sang on the 1995 version of I Feel Love (which was a remake, not a remix), and that I did not need the Patrick Cowley remix. Good as it is, it distracts at times from the song. There are so many things you can do with a song like I Feel Love that it is tempting to go into overdrive. I decided to try not to, and stick with whatever Donna may have had in mind, if she ever had serious ambitions with this song.

Mixing away I tried to create an extra 12 inch instrumental passage, as was the tradition in those days. I messed around with vocals a bit, and somehow those random added, almost insecure sounding extra Donna vocals in there kill me!

This mix has the 1977 version as its core, but some 1995  things are added.


I Feel Love (rkb 2)

Then there is the 1995 version. Not superior to the original, but not bad either. I basically scanned all the versions that don’t have the major 7 chords in then, if that makes sense to anyone. Then I added some original 1977 loops, to find out that the mix benefited from that.

Interesting note for those with an eye for detail: laying Donna’s 1977 vocals and her 1995 vocals on top of each other revealed that they are 18 years apart, but have the same captivating quality; you really cannot tell the difference. Who said that voice deteriorates with age?


Bad Girls (rkb remix)

There was never any inclination for me to remix a track that is absolutely outstanding, but that had no extra material to add to it, besides the little keyboards extra on the album On The Radio and repeating some boring old beep-beeps. Then the demo version, that has some very good parts in it, ignited a remix that I’m very fond of. Necessity to proceed with caution: you don’t just tamper with a 25 year old song that bears so much a Summer signature as Bad Girls. Luckily, it turns out to be one of my best mixes, I think.

The mix starts with the demo version, and flows into the original. That original was extended with the 1980 TV special version with the orchestra, supported by the original intro to make up for lost sound quality. I added some samples from the TV special, took it into the car, some minor adjustments, and there you go.


The Woman In Me (rkb re-edit)

This is one great song, no use to do anything more than a re-edit, adding the instrumental intro found on the US 7 inch. The edit is older. Later I heard what Summer 2K did with the song (mixing it with the Heart version), that mix was just outstanding, and until outtakes are available, that is the last word on The Woman In Me as far as I’m concerned.


Unconditional Love (rkb)

Damn, that Donna dry spell! It forces me to work on songs like this. I gave some thought to removing Musical Youth from the mix, but that would have been more work, so I basically extended it with some of the 12-inch parts.


Stop Look Listen (rkb inferior & rkb original mix)

This one is called RKB inferior mix, not because it’s bad, but because I have not found a way to flesh out this great song yet. To do something, I re-edited it, and added a drum loop from a PO1-remix. After several times listening, it’s not bad.  

The rkb original has no beat-from-the-future; it merely combines the lp and the 12 inch version. 


Once Upon A Time (theme) (rkb)

The little instrumental part from side 3 added at the beginning.


Once Upon A Time (rkb)

Starts with a section from the ballad version, and then goes into the regular version, wherein I added some piano loops from the ballad. The song ends in the last bit from the ballad version, and clocks in at 8.39. Okay song, I just wish Donna would have sung it differently, not so soft and lazy.


Donna Snapshots

Medleys are so hard to categorize in any list, so I tend to shy away from them. However, I was desperate to remix some Donna, and did this one over three nights. It’s a 25+ minutes compilation of all Donna’s A-sides, including promos. I wonder if I should have included On My Honor and Someday, though…

It was hard work to make the samples flow, and I sometimes made Donna sing a tone higher or lower, so that the fade-in to the next snippet was somehow logical. A lot of details may go unnoticed. Some new bits of songs just crash in, others sneak in. Surprisingly, the hardest work and the most rewarding results for me were in the 80-s. Her styles changed so much there, but still it seemed to flow there.


All Systems Go (rkb re-edit)

Just the album version, with, at the start and at the end, some of the 12inch-pieces added. Not a great song, but hey, it’s there!


I Remember Yesterday (rkb re-edit)

This is one of the edits that you do in less than an hour, but that gives me much satisfaction. I don’t like repetition, so I don’t want to listen to the original version and the reprise after one another. However, if I only listen to the LP version, I miss the extra bits from the reprise. This re-edit fixes that and makes for a 5.09 minute mix.


Supernatural Love (rkb remix)

Nice to do this remix, for which I practiced a long time ago. I extrapolated and isolated some sounds to extend this short tune, and could not resist the temptation to add the base line of I Feel Love, to which the 12 inch version hints so much.


Dinner With Gershwin (2 versions)

A friend wanted to have this song, and I gave him what is basically the album version with the extra fade-out vocals from the 12inch. Then I extended the thing with the two other versions that exist. 


I Will Live For Love  (re-edit)

Piecing together, and re-editing the 3 existing versions of this song, so that it brings out the best of Donna’s vocals. Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t care that much for 2 minutes of one modern beat in the intro, and rather skip to the singing part.


Don’t Cry For Me Argentina (rkb re-edit)

Two pretty similar studio versions of the song gave some choice, but not much. So this sounds like a pretty intact DCFMA to the casual listener, except maybe for the extra instrumental part after the first verse. No worries; Donna sounded fine in the first place.


Love To Love You Baby (rkb 30th anniversary remix)

Someone suggested that this outstanding piece receive some re-editing, to filter out some of the repetition. While working on that, I discovered that there was a lot I could do with just the original. I added some extra bits here and there, and made the trumpets of On The Radio make some brief visits. The live bit was added after much doubt, but after softly mixing it with some of the original sound in the background and a few listens it seemed okay to leave it in. Then, just as I thought I was done, I remembered a favorite instrumental Deodato song from 1973, a song I knew before I knew LTLYB. Always suspected Giorgio to have gently stolen from the chords, sound and instrumentation of this song, so I added a good deal of that song into the mix, to acknowledge that. The result is something that haunts me still, I keep listening to it, like the song is new, or something. The two flute notes that are incorporated on quite a few places at the beginning of a bar are imprinted in my mind as belonging to the song now for good.