Real name: Emile

Location: Ontario, Canada

Age: 27

Ocupation: Dealer at the charity casino in the city I live in

Hobbies: British comedy, improv comedy, travelling


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About Summer2k

Donna Summer fan since: 1993

How did you become a Donna Summer fan? I remember watching a television special which was something like a salute to the 1970's -- it was somewhat similar to the Disco Ball special that aired recently. I remember watching Donna perform Last Dance, and I was very intrigued by her voice. Her Anthology had recently been released at the time, so I purchased it, and was instantly hooked. Over the next several years, I managed to collect every album of hers on CD, as well as a good quantity of her singles, both on vinyl and CD. And now, 10 years later, I am still as big a fan of hers as I was back then.

His favorite Donna song? This is a very hard choice for me, since I love pretty much every song she has performed, yet my personal favourite changes from moment to moment. Right now, my favourite songs of hers are "Any Way At All" and the Tommy Musto Vocal Mix of "Power Of One".

Personal notes: Thanks again for your wondeful site. :-) And thanks as well for making a page dedicated to my mixes. I create them out of love for Donna and her wonderful voice, a voice that seems to get better and better with each passing year.

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Summer2k's Remixography

  1. All Systems Go (Summer2k's Extended Re-Edit) 6:11
  2. Any Way At All (Summer2k's Winds Of Change Mix) 7:28
  3. Bad Girls (Summer2k's 12" Re-Edit) 7:01
  4. Bad Girls (Summer2k's Good Or Bad Club Mix) 7:52
  5. Breakaway (Summer2k's Re-Edit) 6:27
  6. Breakdown (Summer2k's Multiple Breakdown Mix) 9:14
  7. Can't Get To Sleep Tonight (Summer2k's Insomnia Remix) 5:38
  8. Cry Of A Waking Heart (Summer2k's Summer Shower Mix) 8:07
  9. Dim All The Lights (Summer2k's Extended Re-Edit) 7:49
  10. Dim All The Lights (Summer2k's Rod Meets Donna) 9:10
  11. End Of The Week (Summer2k's Extended Re-Edit) 5:25
  12. Eyes (Through Summer2k's Eyes Mix) 8:26
  13. Fred Astaire (Summer2k's Extended Re-Edit) 7:08
  14. Heaven Knows (Summer2k's 12" Re-Edit) 6:46  
  15. Heaven Knows (Summer2k's Fast N Funky Mix) 8:55
  16. Heaven's Just A Whisper Away (Summer2k's Heavenly R&B Mix) 5:43
  17. Highway Runner (Summer2k's Re-Edit) 6:11
  18. Hot Stuff (Summer2k's Extended Re-Edit) 10:02
  19. Hot Stuff (Summer2k's Long Single Version) 4:50
  20. I Feel Love's Contact (Donna Summer Vs Edwin Star Summer2k's Re-Edit) 8:55
  21. I Got Your Love (Summer2k's Funky Re-Rub) 7:00
  22. It's Not The Way (Summer2k's Extended Re-Edit) 6:34
  23. Last Dance (Summer2k's Last Chance Mix) 7:42
  24. Love Is Just A Breath Away (Extended) 5:24
  25. Love On & On (Summer2k's '54' Re-Edit) 5:35
  26. Love To Love You Baby (Summer2k's Soft Jazz Mix) 5:09
  27. Love Will Always Find You (Summer2k's Extended Re-Edit) 6:32
  28. Love's About To Change My Heart (PWL Megamix) 10:12 *
  29. Love's About To Change My Heart (Summer2k's Extended Re-Edit) 7:50
  30. Lucky (Summer2k's D'ya Feel Lucky Mix) 8:23
  31. MacArthur Park (Summer2k's 12" Re-Edit) 10:20
  32. MacArthur Park (Summer2k's Cake Mix) 9:10
  33. Melanie 2000 (Novelty Of Summer2k's Reality Mix) 7:14
  34. Melody Of Love (Summer2k's Extended Re-Edit) 7:17
  35. Melody Of Love (West End Vocal Club) 7:18 *
  36. Millennium Medley (Edit) 11:57
  37. Mystery Of Love (Summer 2k's Hystory Of Love Mix) 7:48  
  38. Never Lose Your Sense Of Humour (Summer2k's Edit) 4:35
  39. Nightlife (Extended Re-Edit) 6:43
  40. Oh Billy Please (Summer2k's Pretty Please Mix) 10:03
  41. On The Radio (Summer2k's 12" Re-Edit) 7:46
  42. One Of A Kind (Extended Re-Edit) 7:06
  43. Ordinary Miracle (Summer2k's Extraordinary Mix) 6:16
  44. People Talk (Summer2k's Extended Re-Edit With Rap) 5:49
  45. Protection (Duet Version (With Bruce Spreensteen)) 3:50
  46. Romeo (Extended Re-Edit) 5:37
  47. Rumour Has It (Summer2k's Extended Re-Edit) 7:12
  48. Rumour Has It (Summer2k's Rumour Club Mix) 9:01
  49. She Works Hard For The Money (Summer2k's Extended Re-Edit) 8:05
  50. So This Is Lonely (Summer2k's Reconstruction) 3:27
  51. Spring Affair (Summer2k's Extended Re-Edit) 5:57
  52. Stars On Donna Medley 14:39
  53. Stars On Donna Medley (Summer2k's 2001 Reconstruction) 16:15
  54. State Of Independence (Summer2k's Saxafunk Mix) 7:17
  55. Stop Look And Listen (Summer2k's Extended Re-Edit) 7:11
  56. Stop Me (Summer2k's Unstoppable Mix) 8:13
  57. Summer Dance (Dance With Summer2k Mix) 9:38
  58. Summer2k In The Mix 2005 75:34
  59. Sweet Emotion (Summer2k's Sweeter Than Sweet Mix) 7:43
  60. Take Me (Summer2k's Take me To The Club Mix) 7:46
  61. The Deep (Summer2k's Deep Conga Mix) 8:28
  62. The Woman In Me (Donna Vs Heart Summer2k's Reconstruction) 4:00
  63. Thinkin' About My Baby (Summer2k's Lost In Thought Mix) 7:02
  64. True Love Survives (Summer2k's Extended Re-Edit) 6:03  
  65. Unconditional Love (Summer2k's 12" Re-Edit) 7:07
  66. Voices Cryin' Out (Summer2k's Percussive Mix) 7:53
  67. Walk Away (Summer's 2k Extended Re-edit) 8:33
  68. Walk Away (Summer2k's Long Album Version) 5:26
  69. When The Dream Never Dies (Summer2k's Joyous Mix) 7:22
  70. When The Dream Never Dies (Summer2k's Joyous 2002 Club Mix) 7:42
  71. You're So Beautiful (Summer2k's Edit) 4:05
  72. You're So Beautiful (Summer2k's Innner Beauty Club Mix) 8:35

     * Created as a sort of "mystery mix".


Other remixes by Summer2k

I only use the name Summer2K for my Donna mixes. For other artists, I go by the name of "DJ Moch". The others I've made are just re-edits of some of my more favourite disco tracks.

  1. Dj Moch's Non Stop Hed Kandi Disco Mix 79:44

  2. Joey Negro - Make A Move On Me (Dj Moch Radio Mix) 3:39

  3. Michele Weeks - The Light (Summer2k's Disco Reconstruction) 8:56