Real name: Andre

Location:  Coburg, Germany

Age:  42

Ocupation:  male nurse

Hobbies:  cooking, fitness, sauna, reading, acting in a theather-group, remixing and my one and only big love!

email: andre.wening@yahoo.de

url: http://remicks.multiply.com/


About WEN!NG

Donna Summer fan since:  1977

How did you become a Donna Summer fan?  
I heard for the first time Donna Summer in 1977 and it was I feel love. I still believe, that no other song ever influenced the disco and techno scene more than this one.

His favorite Donna song?  My favourite donna songs are: Hot stuff, Autumn changes, There goes my baby.

Personal notes:  


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WEN!NG's Remixography


  1. Autumn Changes (WEN!NG's Versione Di Vivaldi) 7:01
  2. Dim All The Lights (WENING's- Andymix Remix 2007) 5:30
  3. Down Deep Inside (WEN!NG's Inside Deep Down Mix) 6:36
  4. I Feel Love (4 WEN!NG's Rem!x 4) 7:15
  5. I Remember Yesterday (WEN!NG's Gramophone Edition) 4:58
  6. Last Dance (WEN!NG'S - Andymix - Remix 2007) 7:47
  7. Love Is Just A Breath Away (WEN!NG's Dance Club Mix) 6:47
  8. Mystery Of Love (WEN!NG's Wedding Mix) 6:56
  9. Now I Need You (WEN!ING's Remicks Oh-Six) 6:50
  10. Our Love (WEN!NG Beats Th@ Harder Mix) 6:16
  11. Our Love (WEN!NG's Opera-House Remix) 7:55
  12. Rumour Has It (WEN!NG's Has-The-Mix) 5:14
  13. Supernatural Love (WEN!NG's Chromium-Kick) 6:27
  14. Supernatural Love (WEN!NG's Soul-On-Fire-Mix) 6:03
  15. There Will Always Be A You (WEN!NG's Soft-Dance Mix) 6:52



Other Remixes By WEN!NG

  1. Abba - Angeleyes (Lime Meets Abba Mix)

  2. Abba - Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (The WEN!NG Solution Mix) 6:35

  3. Abba - Head Over Heels (WEN!NG's-With-No-Trace-Of-Hesitation-Remix) 4:35

  4. Abba - Lay All Your Love On Me (WEN!NG's Zero-Seven-Vision) 5:28

  5. Abba - Voulez Vous (WEN!NGís Extented Mix)

  6. Amanda Lear - Black Hole (WEN!NGís Lost In Space Mix)

  7. Amanda Lear - Blood And Honey (Deadly Remix)

  8. Amanda Lear - Diamonds (Brilliant Remix)

  9. Amanda Lear - Fabulous (WEN!NGís Amanda Meets Donna Remix)

  10. Amanda Lear - Follow me (Devilís Whole Offer Mix)

  11. Amanda Lear - Oh boy (WEN!NGís So Confused Remiggs)

  12. Amanda Leat - Quenn Of Chinatown (Kung-Fu-Mixx)

  13. Amanda Lear - Rockiní Rolliní (The Total-supi-Version)

  14. Amanda Lear - The Sphinx (WEN!NGís Egyptian Culture Remix)

  15. BVSMP - I Need You (Burn It Out Remix)

  16. Dee D. Jackson - Automatic Lover (WEN!NG's Sexomatic-Disaster) 6:14

  17. Depeche Mode - Leave In Silence (Dizzy A Mix)

  18. Depeche Mode - Leave In Silence (WEN!NG's Recovered Remix) 6:01

  19. Janet Jackson - Thatís The Way The Love Goes (Fxb1-Mix)

  20. Janet Jackson - Thatís The Way The Love Goes (WEN!NG's Transformation Mix) 4:43

  21. Janet Jackson - Thatís The Way The Love Goes (Wide Version)

  22. Janet Jackson - What Have You Done For Me Lately (WEN!NGís Lately Mix)

  23. Silver Convention - Fly Robin Fly (WEN!NG's Exuberant Mix) 5:49