I'm born in september 1964. But in 1976,  with just only 12 years old, I discovered my passion for an artist. I didn't knew that passion will change my life and follow me all my life long. In 1976, I was totaly addicted to the music. Some french singers was interesting for me but I was turned to the american music. In 1975 I knew "Love to Love you baby" of Donna Summer but I was not passionated for that song. It was too sensual for my young age! But in 1976 I was thrilled when I understand the song "Try me I know we can make it". That was the song that tells me that Donna was my favorite artist. And what was not my surprise to see the second single "Could it be magic"!!! I think it's not  useful to say that it was better (for my point of vue). I was at primary school and I was totally devoted to her. Few months later, a friend of mine (my neighbour) made me listen the third album of Donna Four seasons of love. The first listening was enough to addicted me immediately with her 4 wonderful song in extended versions!. We made an exchange together. Four seasons of love against A love trilogy. On the air of "Winter melody", It was my first girlfriend relationship. A short relation but it was very cool:)) But during the 1976 year long, I was the most happy boy listening Donna and all the other songs of that time ( I don't know why but I have some difficulties to remember the other songs that have marked my pre-teanager!:) I remember of Boule Noire, KC and the sunshine band, Patsy Gallant, Nanette Workman, and others that I've forgot.

In 1977, Donna is back with a monster success "I feel Love". I'm now 13 years old and I'm now a teaneager. The beat of I feel love  makes me a fidel Donna's fan. I own now 2 Donna's album but without no money in my pocket, I couldn't own the fourth album. I feel love plays everywhere around me and i was crazy of that song!! Three or four months later, I moved (after 13 years at the same place) and I save my money. Donna is always be there in my life but lesser (talking financially!). Donna launch  her first double record (Once upon a time) but I don't know his existence. I don't know if it's the move who affected me and lost the Donna's trace... bu I was lesser attentive to the music. I really don't know if it was a success her in Canada. At my knowledge, there was only one single on that album and it was "I love you".

In 1978, I hummed  McArthur park... without knowing that it was Donna Summer who sang that! There was also Heaven Knows that I knew all the words.  But it was in 1978 when I saw the movie The Deep, that I renewed with Donna. Oh my God... it was Donna who sang the soundtrack!!!


The year of the grace! It was the year where Donna takes all the place in my heart. With the Bad girls album, all my senses were awaked and it was there that all Donna's music took all his sense! The disco beat of Hot Stuff and Bad Girls passionated me and ballads like Walk away and Love will always find you  made me shudder. I remember to buy this album immediatly after hear it on the radio. I t was the spring 1979.The disco was at his top. Donna was the queen with other wonderful bands like Village People, Abba... etc.  I was only 15 years old and it was the best time of my life.  The disco beat was on me and I lived just for that! 

Few months later, I was surprised!!! I was shopping and I saw her new album  "On the radio Greatest hits vol 1 & 2"! I bought it immediatly and it was there that I recognize some song that I knew (without knowing that it was Donna!!)  McArthur Park between them. I made some search to find out that song and I bought the only available album: Live and More! The revelation!... I was totaly in shock at the fisrt listening! All the success and discovering new songs (those from 1977 between them). It was at this point that I knew that it was imperative for me to know all about Donna and her career. I was became totally addicted and it wasn't enough. I wanted more and more again. The same year, I bought "Walk away Collector's edition greatest hits" even if there were no new songs on that album. It was the beginning of "My Collection" :))

At the preview of her new album "The wanderer"in 1980, I was totally enjoy and impatient... But  I was really deceived when I heard it. Not that I was deceived by the Donna's performance, but the style has changed (new wave). The fan who I was asked him some questions. But wich teenager don't asked him?? But at this time, I really didn't knew anything about problems with the records company and the pursuit against Casablanca records. I was only listening Donna.... On the radio!

In 1982 Donna came back and I was happy to see her again. "Love is on control" fascinated me like the entire album. I was under the Donna's charm and nothing stopped my attemps. I was now at 18 years old  and I was or became adult! Not that I was irresponsable, but I let me some free acts. Donna was now on my current life . Her next album was everywhere in my lifetime and I was thirsty about to know any news about her.

In 1984, I got my fisrt serious job. I was now 20 years old and I began my life. First appartment, first car, and Donna in my ears with "She works hard for the money". My friends weren't really disco fans and I was a little alone. They were fans of progressive music at this time and became heavy metal fans later. I kept my style and my own preferences for Donna because I knew that I couldn't be on other way becaus I loved Donna. The album "Cats without claws" grow stronger that membership to Donna and I couldn't get away from it.  

After that, it was the totaly black-out!! I didn't heard about Donna till 1989. I moved to Sherbrooke for my work and it was during the automn 1989 that I heard  Donna since a long time. I heard "this time I know it's for real" and I fall down under the charm once again for her voice and also for the rhythm of the entire album. But where were Donna all that time?? I never saw passed throught the "All systems go " album who hasn't known a success here in Canada in 1987. But "Another place and time" give excellent results and I was the first delighted! Beeing far away from my friends and my family, "Another place and time" was a real hook that deserve me during that hard time.I never forgot that hard period of time:)

Back in my hometown in 1990, I passed some bad period without any good stable job. During the summer of 1990, I decided to go to United states for a little vacations (New Jersey) where I made the entire peace with myself. I've got wonderful vacations like I think I'll never have. I really had fun and I let me down to all my fantasy.... ( I made also my fisrt bungee jump there!). But it was also the year of  the revelations not only for myself, but for my friends and family too. It was the year where I announced my homosexuality to my beloved. I was 26 years old and i was affraid of their reaction. Unfortunately, Donna wasn't present in that difficult period of my life with her song that I could found a little support. Even if it was difficult emotional moments , all that sort itself out :) 

In 1991 Donna launch her last original album and it was very disappointing. Not in my mind that I don't like it, but it was not a success. At this period, I began to remake all my collection in cd and it was hard to find. It was in 1996 when I discovered  Internet that my passion for Donna took another way. 

Summer 1996, I got my first computer and connected to internet. I knew nothing about internet, just what I've heard from some friends. A whole world appears to me. My first search was without no doubt Donna Summer! And I discovered many interesting thing about Donna and her life. And also... A new upcoming album (I'm a rainbow)... Album that I never knew the existence before that I read on the internet of it non-released on 1981! And a new single (from Daylight movie)! WoW!!!  And internet gaves me all the details where to find out all the albums that was not available in Canada but that I could buy from the United States and complete my cd collection. It was really fantastic! Later, I discovered a new universe with the french (my motherly language) Patrick's web site (Endless summer) and the Cathy's web site (totally unauthorized Donna Summer site).  During this time, I look at those site to be connected of the upcoming albums (soundtracks, singles, duets..). Like many of you, I might be patient and wait till 1999 to hear her last album "Live and more encore", even if it was a greatest hits again.... but Live fortunately!!! and with new songs (more on dvd and vhs).

But during all this time that we were connected to internet, there was a phenomen that I had the chance to participate. NAPSTER, that wonderful freeware, for mp3 exchange. That freeware who made me known wonderful friends around the world. It was at this time that I discoverded all the Donna's remixes and it was also that year (1999) that were born the first fan remixers like Summer2k and Quique, the pionneers.... after Bentboy, Carlybabes, Rainbow rhythms.... etc. All people that I had the chance to talk with near or far, and who has made of their passion a dream that we all share together now. With the help of them and many international friends, I've made a great mp3 collection that I listen all days religiously! That passion is now shared with many friends that I like to help them to built their own collection. And there are more and more Donna Summer fans around the world. It is a story to continue because Donna launch a new album very soon in 200? (expected since the dinosaurs!!!)