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Last Update : 2007-08-02

To All the fidel supporters of this site.

It's with many regrets that I decided this week to stop to update this website definitively. For many personal reasons, i have not the time nor the taste to continue to post anymore songs of the week sections. It's a reflected decision and it's make over 6 months that i thought to stop it all. But for other reasons, i wanted to continue and now it's the right time to go out. After 7 years of existence (5 years for the songs of the week), i think i made the entire tour of Donna and Abba world. For the moment, the site will still be online for the archives, some links are still available for download via multiply. For sure i will continue to post many songs on my own multiply, but not at the same rhythm of here.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the people who contribute to this website. First, the fanremixer for your extreme generosity and your enthousiasm, your kindness and your support. This website hasn't been the same without your precious help! To all the friends over the world who send me rare versions, gave me all the links and tricks for finding rare versions and all the website who were linked to mine for their publicity. The site has grown up more than i expected and it was a fabulous experience! And Finaly, to all the fidel fans and supporters of this site, I want to thank you all for your great comments and your precious fidelity! I'll miss you all :) 

Special thanks goes to Cathy Hawkins for her precious help and kindness during those 7 years :)



Artwork By Philippe 2004

Some songs of the week are still available for download


Artwork by MJMProd 2004.

Some songs of the week are still available for download


Artwork by Carlybabes 2005.

Some songs of the week are still available for download




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This site is dedicated to my mother who passed away january 15, 2006 and my father june 26, 2007.

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