Browser [ICE]'s home of Chris Cookson GMAX and 3d max plugins/scripts.

This site is dedicated to gather Chris Cookson's plugins and scripts coded for GMAX and/or 3d max. They used to be on his personnal GMAX site but the site is permanently disabled due to GMAX's support site being moved by the administrator. Most internet links found through GOOGLE pointing at his files, are actualy pointing back at his old GMAX site. It is my pleasure to have contacted him to have his work residing on this small web space for you all. I was having a hard time finding one of those plugins and with Chris's permission, I am now hosting them for the community so you don't have to search hours for them.

Please take note that Chris no longer has time to work on any of this nor does he have plans to create new ones. His new occupation and situation doesn't allow enough time and ressources for this type of work. However, Chris is still available to answer any support issues concerning his files below.

Also, please do not contact me for support issues as I didn't make them and don't know most of them.

( MD5 checksum available for all those files )

3d Max files
  Quake-3 MD3 exporter v2.0.1
  Quake-3 MD3 exporter
  Return To Castle Wolfenstein MDS importer v1.0
  Half-Life SMD exporter v1.0
  Half-Life SMD importer v1.0
  mdx importer v1.0



GMAX files
  Quake-3 MD3 exporter beta v1.0
  Return To Castle Wolfenstein MDS importer v1.0
  Return To Castle Wolfenstein mdc importer v1.1
  3ds importer v1.1
  dxf importer v1.1
  md2 importer v1.1
  mdx importer v1.0
  OBJ importer v1.1a
  OBJ importer v1.1
  Half-Life SMD importer v1.0
  Quake-3 md3 importer v1.0
  Quake-3 md3 importer beta0.1

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