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There are a number of free software downloads available at this site for developers interested in Tcl/Tk applications. Follow the link to the download page, or, if you know what you are looking for, use the speed menu to select the distribution you want and go directly to the package description.

Instructions for downloading software are presented with each package.


Follow the link to meteorology to download scripts and applications that are of interest to both amateur and professional meteorologists. Applications are available for use by those who have permanent connections to the Internet, either via a dedicated link, or through a cable modem or other high speed service.

Here is the latest Mean Sea Level Pressure analysis chart for Mon Jan 27 2020 18z based on the operational products of the Canadian Meteorological Center. This image is suitable for the background wallpaper on a 1024 x 1280 machine. It has a fully rendered colour geographical background, station plot data and the isobaric field. This image is updated 4 times per day and covers Canada and the northern tier of the United States of America.

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