Company Management

President and General Manager

Iain in 2005

Iain B. Findleton B.Sc, M.Sc, M.B.A. is the Founder and President of Custom Clients.

Management Experience

Iain B. Findleton has 30 years experience as a Meteorologist and Technology Manager working for Environment Canada. During this career period he held the following technology management positions:

These positions involved the management an development of Canada's operational weather service programs using advanced computer and telecommunications networks, and the operation of scientific and business oriented computer service bureaus delivering services to a widely distributed client base in industry, government and the academic community.

HPC Related Experience

As manage of the Dorval Supercomputer Center from 1986 through 1993 Iain carried out the selection and installation of several major supercomputer systems, including machines from Cray Research, NEC Corporation, Convex and NSC. Leading edge high performance local networks and a Canada wide WAN system was implemented to support access to the HPC facility. Iain has has extensive experience with the evaluation of HPC technology, planning for the installation and support of HPC systems, establishing the operating and management policies needed to run HPC centers to the satisfaction of a diverse clientele.

As manager of the meteorological operations of the Canadian Meteorological Center from 1980 to 1986 Iain developed broad experience with the construction and implementation of large scale HPC applications.

As Manager, C3 GRID Implementation, Iain has developed the detailed technical requirements, detailed development and deployment schedules and financial plans for the proposed Canadian C3 Computational GRID. This activity has the goal of providing Canadian universities with a national meta-computing facility based on the sharing of HPC facilities across the Canadian Gigabit backbone network.

As Chief Architect, then Vice President of Engineering, for Maximum Throughput Inc, Iain designed and built the revolutionary InfinARRAY file system, a scalable distributed file system that delivers multiple gigabytes per second of input/output performance to clustered computational environments. InfinARRAY delivers linear scalability of performance along with global storage virtualization features.

Iain is currently Co-Founder and Vice President of Research at Terrascale Technologies Inc. At Terrascale, Iain has been responsible for the development of the TerraGrid suite of high performance networked storage solutiion support products.