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Bogota D.C. is the capital of Colombia, and the capital of the department of Cundinamarca.

Bogota is located in the center of the country, 2,640 meters above sea level, on a plateau of the Eastern mountain range of The Andes, latitude 3°41'24"N to 4°49'54"N and longitude 74.3°W. The city has an area of 1,587 square kilometers (612.74 sq. miles). Including the metropolitan area, its surface is 1,732 square kilometers (668.73 sq. miles). Average daily temperatures rang from 9 to 22 degrees Celsius (48.2 and 71.6°F.)
Bogota is the educational, cultural, commercial, administrative, financial, and political center of Colombia.
The capital has approximately 6,776,000 inhabitants. The metropolitan area has a population of 7,881,200, according to the census made by DANE in 2005.

About the name

Bogota's name comes from the Chibcha word Bacatá. Bacata was the territory of the zipa (overlord) of the Chibcha or Muisca Indian tribes that inhabited the region before the arrival of the Spaniards. Gonzalo Jimenez of Quesada was the first European to set foot in the lands of the Chibchas nation in 1538.
He founded the city of Santa Fe (today known as Bogotá D.C.) that became the center of the government of the territory called the New Kingdom of Granada, and where the Royal Court of Santa Fe was established.
Later, the city adopted the name of Santafé de Bogotá. In 1945 it became "Special District" and its official name was Bogotá D.E. With the Constitution of 1991 the city was named Santafé de Bogotá for the second time and received the status of Capital District. In the year 2000 its name changed back to Bogotá D.C.


(Calle = street, east-west direction. Carrera = street, north-south direction.)


La Candelaria is the oldest district of Bogota situated between calle 7 and Avenida Jimenez and between carreras 1and 15.
The residential area is famous for its colonial style houses museums and very important places worth visiting such as the San Carlos Palace, the Luis Angel Arango Public Library, the Cristobal Colon Theater, the Silva's Poetry House, the Museum of Numismatics, El Marques de San Jorge House, La Quinta de Bolívar, the Fundación Alzate Avendaño and La Candelaria, San Ignacio and Nuestra Señora del Carmen churches.

On the Carreras 7 (formerly called La Calle Real) and carrera 8, you will find the most important square of Bogota called La Plaza de Bolivar. It is surrounded by The Capitolio Nacional, the City Hall of Bogotá, the Palace of Justice , the "20 de Julio Museum", the Main Cathedral of Colombia, the Tabernacle Chapel and the Archbishop Residence. The Nariño Palace (Presidential Palace) and the Echeverry Palace are found on the south side.

Going towards the North, on the Carrera 7, are many important places including the Santander Square, the Gold Museum, and the famous La Tercera, La Veracruz and San Francisco Churches.

Further north, you will find The International Center, one of the most important financial areas in the city.
In downtown are the Museum of Modern Art, the National Library, the Park of La Independencia, the Planetarium, La Santamaría bullring, the National Museum, the Bavaria Central Park, the Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada Convention Center, and many other interesting sites.


There are many exclusive barrios (districts) in the north of Bogota
Among them are La Cabrera, El Chicó, Santa Ana, Los Rosales, El Nogal, Bosque de Los Pinos, El Retiro, Santa Barbara , Montearroyo La Carolina and many others such as Antiguo Country, Avenida Chile, La Bella Suiza ,Cedritos, Nueva Autopista, etc.

Interesting sites to visit in this area

El Parque de la 93 is one of the most exclusive sectors in Bogota Some of the best hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and bars are located in this area.
La Zona T and La Zona Rosa - between the streets 80 and 85 and carreras (streets) 11 and 15 -
This area is one of the most popular for shopping, eating and clubbing.
La Avenida Chile or 72 street, is one of the most important business sectors in Bogotá.
La Carrera 15 has the largest pedestrian-only zone in Bogotá. It is located between la calle 72 and la calle 100 and is one of the most important commercial districts in the north of Bogota.

Main Shopping Centers

The Atlantis Plaza, the Centro Andino, Cedritos 151, the Centro Comercial Santafé, (the largest in Colombia) Centro 93, El Lago, El Retiro, Hacienda Santa Bárbara, BIMA , Palatino, Santa Ana, and Unicentro.


Some of the most prominent districts in this area are Pontevedra, Los Lagartos,
Andes, Niza, San José de Bavaria, Pasadena, Las Colinas de Suba and many others.

Main malls

Bulevar Niza, Portoalegre, Paseo San Rafael, Iserra 100, Centro Suba, Subazar, Plaza Imperial.


Some of the districts of this area are Chapinero, between calles 60 and 70 and Avenida Caracas (or carrera 14) and Carrera 7. Chapinero has an important shopping area.
Teusaquillo, Santa Teresita, Palermo and La Soledad. About 40 years ago these boroughs were some of the most exclusive districts in the city.
There are still many important places in the area such as the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Clínica de Marly, Clínica Palermo and some well known theaters.
Between the calles 53 and 63 toward the west of Bogota you will find The Nemesio Camacho El Campin Stadium, the Coliseo Cubierto El Campin and amusement parks.



In the western section of the city there are several boroughs such as Normandia, Nicolas de Federman, Metropolis Centro Nariño, Kennedy, Puente Aranda, Salitre Modelia, Castilla-Marsella Fontibón, and Tintal

Places worth visiting in this area

Simon Bolivar Metropolitan Park
In Simon Bolivar Metropolitan Park, the largest in the city, you will find
El Salitre amusement park, The Sports Unit, The Sports Center, The Acuaparque, the Children's museum, and Maloka, an interactive science center.

Main malls
Alamos, Diverplaza, Galerías Gran Estación, Metrópolis, Portal de la 80, Salitre Plaza, Unicentro de Occidente.


Some of the barrios (districts) in the south of Bogota are
Ciudad Bolivar (subdivided in smaller districts), 20 de Julio, Santa Bárbara Sur, Antonio Nariño, , Rafael Uribe Uribe, Barrio Egipto, La Perseverancia, Barrio Restrepo, Paloquemao and many others.

Interesting places to visit in this area

El Tunal Park, El Tunal Public Library, beautiful parks and amusement parks.

Main Shopping Centers

Ciudad Tunal, Plaza de Las Américas and Tintal Plaza


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