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Chorégraphies de Michelle & Marc                                       Michelle & Marc choreography
Autres chorégraphes                                                           Other choreographers

  2 avril / April 2nd 2011 5 mars / March 5h 2011
Hell, I Can Do That (L)
Reincarnated Cowboy (L)
Blue Radio (P)
That Thing We Do (P)

SaxoBeat (L)
Double Dose (L)
No More Teardrops (P)
Hidden Love (P)

5 Février 2011 / February 5th 2011 4 Décembre / December 4th 2010 6 Novembre / November 6th 2010
Some Kind Of Food (P)
Pretty Poison (P)

Let's Get Jitterbugging (L)
Big Love (L)

Except For Monday (L)
Club Can't Handle Me (L)
In Mexico (P)
San Antone (P)

Angelina's Dance (L)

Drive It On Home (L)
Look At Me (P)
Day Job (P)

2 Octobre / October 2nd 2010 3 Avril / April 3rd 2010 6 Mars / March 6th 2010

Doing Our Thing (L)
Little Heartbreaker (L)
Clean House (P)
Hit The Fan (P)

Crazy 4 Leaving (L)
Mother's Hall The Fame (L)
Second Tought (P)
Sowin' Love (P)
Mail To Mexico (L)
Baby Jane (L)
Fishing Forever (P)
Make Love Tonight (P)
6 Février / Februay 6th 2010 9 Janvier / January 9th 2010 5 Décembre / December 5th 2009
Rockin' Shoes( L)
Cajun Hoedown (L)
The Woman Makes The Man (P)
How Do You Do (P)

The Way She's Looking (L)
Country Boys Roll (L)
Over Me (P)
For Ever Yours (P)

When Tomorrow Comes (L)
Happy Smile (L)

Mama (P)
Little Bit Of Love (P)
7 novembre / November 7th 2009 10 octobre / October 10th 2009 5 Septembre / September 5th 2009
Black Leather Breeches (L)
Good Time Cowboy Casanova (L)
Blue Rodeo (P)
Till It's Snow In Mexico (P)

Might Not Ever Happeh (P)
15 Minutes (P)
You Belong With Me (L)
Clueless (L)


Adaptable (L)
Askin' Questions (L)

Working Man Blues (P)
Toes In The Water (P)
4 Avril 2009 / April 4th 2009 7 Mars 2009 / March 7th 2009 7 Février 2009 / February 7th 2009

Bossy Boots (L)
Rivers Of Gold (L)
Love Bug (P)
All I Want (P)

I Shall Return (L)
It Hurts (L)
Lodi (P)
Been Right (P)
Last In Line (L)
Wanna Be Elvis (L)
The Ballad Of John & Yoko (P)
Too Much Candy (P)
10 Janvier / January 10th 2009 6 Décembre / December 6th 2008 1er November / November 1st 2008
Queen Of The Hop (L)
Wrap Around (L)

Pit Bulls & Chain Saws (P)
Take Your Pick (P)

Peppermint Twist (L)
 I Can Dream (L)
She's Talking To Someone (P)
Walk Of Life Partners (P)


Unchain My Feet (L)
Double Cheater (L)
As Good As Mine (P)
Make Her Fall In Love (P)
4 Octobre / Octobre 4th 2008 30 Août / August 30th 2008 12 Avril / April 12th 2008
Tell Me The Truth (L)
Like A Hero (L)
South Of The Border (P)

'57 Chevrolet (P)

Between Friends (L)
Learn Before (L)
Wooly Bully (L)
Blue Eyes (P)
Memory (P)
Lonely Met Love (P)
Key's In The Mailbox (P)


The Losing Side (L)
Bad Move (L)
Never Loved (P)
The Things You Said (P)
Long Long Way (P)
Mars / March 2008 Février / February 2008 Janvier / January 2008

Got Away (L)
Chicken Truck (L)
Tell Him (L)
Free To Go (P)
Lonesome Side Of Town (P)
That's What I Get (P)
Backyard (P)


Jitled (L)
Singing The Song (L)
Fishing In The Dark (P)
Sweet Little Corina (P)

Nickajack (L)
Shake Baby Shake (L)
Whiskey-O (P)
Dance Above The Rainbow (P)
Décembre / December 2007 Novembre / November 2007 Octobre / October 2007
Free & Easy (L)
Skippin (L)

Red Gumbo (P)
Acting Like A Fool (P)

Good People (L)
On A Good Night (L)
High Time (P)
Here With Me (P)

Biker Chick (L)
Holding Back The Ocean (L)
Gonna Have Love (P)
The Wildwood Rose (P)
Baby Things Change (P)
Septembre / September  2007  Avril / April  2007 Mars / March  2007

Playboy (P)
Heartbeat (P)
Told Me So (P)
Cocaïne Blues (P)
Gone Too Long (L)
Pump Jack (L)
Fool Woman (L)


Rattlesnake Café (L)
Rockin' The Country (L)
13-13 Heartbreak Avenue (P)
More Of Your Love (P)
Out Of My Mind (P)
Outside House (P)
Almost Persuaded (P)
Late Night (P)
Grace (P)
I Luv Ya (L)
Wear My Ring (L)
Lou's Dance (L)

Février / February  2007  Janvier / January 2007 Decembre  / December 2006

At The Contry Fair  (L)
Because Of You (L)
Can't Win (P)
I Fell In Love (P)
Go With Me (L)
Dancing Backwards  (P)
He's A Heartache (P)
Crazy Cha  (L)
You're So Square (L)
Chains Of Gold  (L)
No No Never  (L)
Numbers On The Jukebox  (P)
Wrapped (P)
Novembre / November 2006  Octobre / October 2006 September / September  2006
Bing Bang Boom (P)
Leaving Of Liverpool Together  (P)
Little Hoe Down  (L)
Shoulda Run
Swinging Jean  (L)
Turn Out The Light  (P)

Friday Night (L)
The Garbage Man (P)
Life Is A Highway (P)
Nothin' Left To Say  (P)
Stranger  (P)
Think Of Me   (P)
Dearly Beloved (L)
Don't Give A Rip  (L)
Lyin' To My Heart  (L)
Ropin' Pen (P)
Take It With You  (P)
Two Step Too (P)
Walkin' Talkin' Cryin'  (P)
Avril / April 2006 Mars / March 2006 Février / February 2006
Easy Money (L)
Your Tattoo (L)
Jamaica' Mambo (P)
Rip It Off (P)

Get Your Feet Down (L)
Baby Off My Mind (L+P)
Different Drum (L)
No Esta Aqui No More (P)
Dreaming Out Loud (P)
Honky Tonk Angel (P)
Far From Home (P)
Rock Your World (L)
Let's Get Drunk (L)
Mama's Last (L+P)
Miller's Cave (P)
Truly Blue (P)
Janvier / January 2006 Decembre / December 2005 Novembre / November 2005

Home To Louisiana (L)
Drinks For Two (L)
Moonrise (P)
I Hear You (P)
In Love With Me (P)
'Scuse Moi, My Heart (P)

Rose Garden (L)
I Never Work On A Sunday (L)
First Attemps (P)
Pretty Baby (P)
Double XL Ouch (L)
Sweet Little Lisa (L)
Going Crazy (P)
My First Run (P)
Octobre / October 2005 Septembre / September 2005 Mai / May 2005
Kill The Spiders (L)
Sunshine & Summertime (L)
Blame The Vain (P)
Dolores Charleston (P)

Louisiana (L)
Fool Around (L)
The Liar (L)
Love Again (P)
It's A Heartache (P)
Walk The Line (P)
Nothing You Can Do (P)
Lost My Heart (L)
Unlock My Heart (L)
Strong Enough (P)
I Can't Be Bothered (P)

Avril / April 2004 Mars / March 2005 Février / February 2005

English Bay Shuffle (L)
Rock & Roll (L)
Will I Do (P)
For Reasons (P)

Guy Gotta Do (L)
Run For The Border (L)
Don't Come Easy (L)
Takin' My Time (P)
Outside Looking In (P)
Sort Of Thing (P)
The Matches Book (P)

Édition spéciale. Concours chorégraphies.
Special edition. Choreography competition

Bethween The Lines (L)
You Don’t Know (P)
Kataoula (L)
Save The Honkytonks (P)
No Cover Charge (L)
Why Baby (P)
Bare Essentials (L)
Guy Like Me (P)
No Thinkin’ Thing (P)
Hot Mama (L)
Heavy Liftin’ (P)
Expression (P)
Sawdust On Her Halo (L)
Mustang Burn (P)
Janvier / January 2005 Decembre / December 2004 Novembre / November 2004

Day Dreamin' (L)
Country In Norway (L)
Baby I'm Gone (P)
Can't Help Believin' (P)
Jungle Boogie 2004 (P)
Rockin' (L)
Don't Get Burned (L)
One Good Reason (P)
Back Home (P)
That's Love (L)
Party For Two (L)
Do A Little Dance (P)
In The Sunshine (P)
Step Right  Up (P)
Octobre / October 2004 Septembre / September 2004 Mai / May 2004

Standing (L)
Ball & Chain (L)
Heartbreak & Tears (P)
Just One Of The Boys Too (P)


Gone From Kansas (L)
Monkey Around (L)
Why ? (L)
I Don't Know (P)
Honky Tonk Baby (P)
Stop The World (P)
Back To Earth (P)

Give Me (L)
Redneck Woman (L)
Undo The Right (P)
Overnight Success (P)
Night Out Together (P)
Avril / April 2004 Février / February 2004 Janvier / January 2004

Édition spéciale. Concours chorégraphies.
Special edition. Choreography competition

To Say No (L)
Wide Awake (L)
Beer Run (P)
Please Me (L)
One' For The Girl (P)
Love (L)
Boys & Girl (L)
In The Country (L)
Memory Like That (P)
River's Dance (L)
Just Be Me (L)
Carry On (P)
Rockin' With The Rhythm (L)
Two Dollars In The Jukebox (P)
Lock In Strut (P)
As Far As (P)
Johnny (P)
L.B. Train (P)
Happy Depression (P)
Boys & Girls Cha-Cha (P)
One Night (P)

Never Been (L)
D.H.S.S. (L)
Broken Heart (L)
Trouble (P)
I'M Gone (P)
Honky Tonk Girl (L)
I Want It All (L)
98.6 (P)
Elvis Blessed My Soul (P)