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  Are you tired of the ordinary? Are you looking for something unusual? You've come to the right place. Here, you will find those businesses that list their address on a different street, businesses whose muzak system plays the beat of a different drummer.

  Should you find that you cannot read at these locations, be sure to send us a note and we'll see if we can read your note.

  Please report missing, broken or lost links to our surface world liason using your email, or using this handy online form.

Acronym Finder  

  Here is a place to look up all those acronyms from RGRN.

The NetHack Index  

  This is a page of NetHack links. However, each link is annotated with a mini-review. A very interesting place to look for that special link you need.

Obsessive Compulsive Games  

  A short NetHack page.

The Nethack Home Page  

  An entertaining page with "Yet Another Stupid Death", "Murphy's Laws of Nethack", and more!

Yet Another NetHack Website  

  A very nice site with a variety of information and downloads.

The Nethack Code  

  The Geek Code, revisited. How to create your own compressed description of yourself as a NetHack player. Or how to read someone elses.

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