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A Directory Of Businesses In And Around Minetown

  These are the places to go for the real thing. Here you will find The Dev Team, the best source of spoilers, the first place to look for different versions and the most necessary support pages.

  Who decides which pages are official? We have an official committee of course. The primary consideration is that the site provides a valuable service to the NetHack community and provides that service better than any other site. The most valued service is, of course, developing the scrolls that make all this possible.


  Please report missing, broken or lost links to our surface world liason using your email, or using this handy online form.

Official Nethack Home Page  

  This is the number one official NetHack Site. This is the place to go with bug reports!

Sascha's (and Ralph's) NetHack site  

  For most spoilers, this is the official site, sanctioned by the drunken denizens of Rick's Tavern.

The Nethack Homepage  

  With a name like *The* Nethack Homepage, how could we not regard this as official?

The SLASH'EM Homepage  

  SLASH'EM, a variant so popular that many friendly evenings at the cafe include a spoon-fight between Vanilla Purists and SLASH'EM Evangelists. CR3T1NZ Advisory  

  This is the home page of those brave souls who keep RGRN a free and comfortable place to post.

The Nethack Code  

  The authoritative description of those funny of symbols at the bottom of some RGRN postings.

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