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  Here are links to Minetown's Slash and SLASH'EM communities. These fine folk believed by some to be at the cutting edge of philosophy, espousing a view of The Mines and The Dungeons that is both more advanced and more challenging than the view of most NetHack heros.

  SLASH'EM in particular is believed to have led the way for many as we enter the 3.3rd age of the net.

  Should you find that you cannot read at these locations, be sure to send us a note and we'll see if we can read your note.

  Please report missing, broken or lost links to our surface world liason using your email, or using this handy online form.

The SLASH'EM Homepage  

  This is the official SLASH'EM home page.

Ali's Slash'EM Page  

  Home of the UNIX distribution of Slash'EM

Submitted by:  J. Ali Harlow
The SLASH Home Page  

  Slash is the immediatte predecessor of SLASH'EM. Here you will find the official binaries and source code for Slash.

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