Press Release

DND News Release
18 June 1993

Visoko, Bosnia - A Canadian peacekeeper was killed today 40 minutes after the latest ceasefire agreement was to have taken effect. It had been signed 3 days ago in Sarajevo.

Cpl Daniel Gunther, a member of the 2 R22eR Battalion Group, was killed today when a mortar bomb fell close to his vehicle. The 24 year old Canadian soldier was observing from his Armoured Personnel Carrier near Buci, a village some 3 kilometres south of Visoko, the Brigade's main base. Two other soldiers in the Armoured Personnel Carrier sustained superficial cuts and are being treated for shock.

Cpl Gunther's next-of-kin were contacted shortly after the incident and an inquiry is now underway.

Cpl Gunther arrived in Bosnia with his regiment in early May. He was a member of the anti-tank platoon in the Support Weapons Company, based in Kiseljak. He was married and had a year old child.

Note: This news release was dictated by Captain Stock to major Canadian news agencies earlier today. Both he and Major Boudreau are responding to Canadian media queries from in-theatre. The Military Liaison Officer/Director General Public Affairs will respond using this information as required.

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