MY SON...OUR SONS (Mon fils......Nos Fils)

This poem was written by Carol Isfeld in 1992, on the birthday of her son Mark. Mark departed for the Balkans two months later and was killed on 21 Jun 1994 while removing mines in Croatia. He was serving with 1 Combat Engineer Regiment on his third UN tour. Carol has dedicated her poem to all peacekeepers, and since having made contact with us, most especially to Daniel and Mark.

Ce poème a été composé par Madame Carol Isfeld pour son fils le caporal-chef Mark Isfeld, le jour de son anniversaire et deux mois avant son premier départ pour les Balkans. Son fils Mark a été tué en 1994 alors qu'il faisait du déminage en Croatie. Carol a dédié ce poème à tous les Gardiens de la Paix et depuis que nous avons fait connaissance l'a dédié aussi à Daniel.

"Je Me Souviens" - "Chimo"

My Son - - - - Our Sons

You are going away my son,
For reasons only God can understand.
We're told you're trying to keep the peace
With our hurting fellow man.

I see my baby leaving soon
For an impossible situation.
That's my personal understanding
For this very troubled nation.

They have been warring for decades.
Now they're killing each other.
Where does all the hate begin
To make us want to kill a brother.

I know that each of our sons
Will make a friend with someone there.
They are taking love from home;
It will show them how we care.

People, when taken separately,
Will be helped by each of you.
Maybe something will rub off
From what you're trained to do.

In order to stop the ache at night
I pray you're safe wher'er you trod,
And place all of you in loving hands
To walk side by side with God.

I love you - - - - - mom

Carol M. Isfeld 14 August 1992

The poem, "My son...Our Son's" by Mrs Carol Isfeld
was recently awarded the International War Veterans
Poetry Archives (IWVPA) "Double Tap Award for War Poetry".
This award is not awarded randomly, nor can it be applied for.
A recommendation by a member of the IWVPA is made and
the Board of Trustees then considers the work and decides if the
writing is deserving of the award.


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