To a Fallen Peacekeeper

Had I seen him fall...
I could have caught him
Eased his pain and
Bound his wounds-
He'd not have passed alone
So far from home.
Had I heard the shot
Had I seen the shooter
Had I seen him exposed
Had I been able to yell-
Had I ... had I ...
So far from home
My mind knows all the reasons
but my heart hears only the tears,
That he had to be there and fall
In somebody else's bloody business-
In the insanity of their freedom-
So far from home.

Written by Mr. Bob Kerr of Kanata, Ontario

The poem, "To a Fallen Peacekeeper" by Mr Robert Kerr
was recently awarded the International War Veterans
Poetry Archives (IWVPA) "Double Tap Award for War Poetry".
This award is not awarded randomly, nor can it be applied for.
A recommendation by a member of the IWVPA is made and
the Board of Trustees then considers the work and decides if the
writing is deserving of the award.


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