In Loving Memory Of Our Son, Corporal Daniel Gunther

(En Mémoire De Notre Fils Bien-Aimé, Le Caporal Daniel Gunther)

This page is dedicated
to our son,
Corporal Daniel Gunther,
a Canadian United Nations Peacekeeper,
who was attacked and killed near Buci Bosnia.

(In Memoriam)

13 January 1969 - 18 June 1993

Buci, Bosnia 18 June 1993:

While on Observation Duty in the turret of his Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC), with no doubt as to his United Nations identity, Daniel was attacked with an Anti Tank Rocket near Buci, Bosnia. The rocket struck him directly, then exploded on the turret cover only inches behind him. This was clearly an un-provoked attack of a Canadian Peacekeeper on a humanitarian peacekeeping mission in Bosnia.

Although the facts were immediately known and later confirmed by a Board Of Inquiry held in Bosnia in July of 1993, the military Press Release stated that Daniel died from shrapnel wounds from a Mortar which had exploded "near" the APC. A press release from other military sources also stated that "Corporal Gunther was probably half way outof his vehicle when he was hit by the shrapnel". These statements insinuated that it may have been a stray mortar bomb that exploded near the APC, and that Daniel was imprudent and partially to blame for his fatal injuries. As late as November 1993, the cause of death had not been changed as reported by Peter Worthington.

The Truth

Family and friends of Daniel learned The Truth from "Esprit de Corps Military Magazine" in February 1994.

The Troop Commander Confirms The Truth

One year after the assassination, Daniel's Troop Commander, who was in the APC with Daniel when it was attacked Confirmed The Truth to the media in Quebec City explaining exactly what had happened to Daniel on 18 June 1993.


Daniel was born in Soest Germany while his parents were stationed with the Canadian Forces in Europe. He returned to Lahr Germany with his parents in 1976 and attended school at the Gutenberg School until 1981 and returned to Canada. He joined the Canadian Forces in 1987 and was stationed to Lahr Germany with 1R22ER in 1989. His son Alexandre was born in Lahr in July 1992. Daniel returned to Canada in April 1993 and was immediately sent to Bosnia.


Web Authors: Daniel's parents, Peter Gunther and Dominique Leiba-Gunther


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