The Silver Memorial Cross

The Silver Memorial Cross was instituted by the Canadian government on September 24, 1919 to recognize the loss suffered by the mothers and widows of those who gave their lives during the First World War. In 1940, provision was made to include mothers and widows of deceased Second World War Naval, Military and Air Forces of Canada. A year later the mothers and widows of Canadian Merchant Seamen were also included. An amendment made in 1950 recognizes those Canadians who died while serving Canada under an instrument for collective defence such as the United Nations Charter; the mother or spouse receives the Cross.

The Department of National Defence issues the Silver Cross. Inscribed in the centre on the front, within a laurel wreath, is the royal cypher. G.R. VI, if it was issued during the reign of King George VI. If it was issued during the present reign of Queen Elizabeth II the cypher will read E.R. II.