Business Consulting
  • We will help you to develop the strategy.
  • We will ensure a communication plan that will foster buy-in and commitment
  • We will ensure a people alignment plan to your business strategy.
  • We will assist in follow up systems to ensure the work performed is supporting the new strategy.


In these times of uncertainty, company buy-outs, mergers and acquisitions, technological changes, the retirement of baby boomers and the integration of generations X, Y and Yolo, and cultural diversity, how is your company coping?

- Are your managersí true leaders?

- Can they inspire the required changes to make your company adaptable, continuously productive and providing the required return on equity to your shareholders?

- How often have you tried to implement changes in your organization to find that the effort did not provide the result hoped for or simply failed?

- Does your organization have the strong leadership skills and competencies required to initiate a structured change management approach to ensure the success of their projects?

- Does active learning and agility reflect the reality of your organization? Or are you simply spinning your wheels needlessly?

LCHR Consulting offers an expertise in leadership development and a structured change management process leading to proven results and providing an organizational cultural change reflecting a more adaptable and agile environment. Our training programs are adaptable to any type of industry. We provide a solid tool box to assist managers to become leaders and ensure their success in their change initiatives. Our program is designed for active learning through real life hands-on applications from the participants work environment, personal coaching sessions, co-development sessions and group learning sessions.

Furthermore, we assist the executive team in the implementation of tools, policies and procedures and communication strategies to ensure a full integration of the change management structure and leadership culture.

Our team is comprised of experts from a wide array of industries and subject matter experts. We have an average of 25 years of experience per expert. These are the experts which will be working on your project. Our overhead is low; therefore our fees are very competitive. Ask yourself if your company reflects the following competencies:

  • Adaptable
  • Agile
  • Flexible
  • Productive
  • Effective
  • Engaged work force
If not, then you should contact us. Our first meeting is free. Our rates will surprise you. Our fees and expenses are all deductible in Quebec. Our programs are applicable to potential Federal training grants.

Retail Services
Visual Merchandising
What makes for a positive customer shopping experience and ensures sales are; strategic fixturing and hardware unit capacity and layouts, product presence and flow, lighting, audio mood, point of purchase and marketing messaging, as well as, the assortment and positioning of mannequins, props and display materials. These directly impact the client`s emotional response to the 3D environment and customer shopping experience.. When the brand is true and worthy, it will extend the visit, increase transactions and heighten the customerís desire to repeat the experience.
  • Develop strategic National Visual guidelines in support of brand consistency in a wide range of sales volume and 3D environment store categories.
  • Launch new store concept designs and host post opening seminars for Field Management in support of sustainable brand consistency.
  • Create and, produce National Visual Merchandising Guidebooks inclusive of plan-o-grams, window and interior photo-directives for all sales categories.
  • Develop and launch qualitative/quantitative National Visual Training programs for Field Management to cascade to Store Management and teams.
  • Create customized floor plans for all new and renovated stores depicting fixture assortment and department layouts designed to optimize unit capacity, customer access and traffic flow.
  • Partner with the Buying teams to develop a fresh approach to blending product in-store while maintaining product category adjacencies conducive to a truly user-friendly customer shopping experience and increased Items per transaction.
  • Host new concept environment training seminar for the Visual team, Senior Sales Management and store team, essential to increase confidence and competence in setting up this first 3D environment for success.
  • Design firm and raw materials in the development of all functional and decorative (product presentation/unit capacity) attributes including department space allocation, location and sequencing, fixtures, hardware and marketing materials.
Loss Prevention, Asset Protection and Policy Development
If you are a start-up retail operation or an international or American retailer looking to have a soft landing in Canada, we have extensive experience and can assist you in better understanding provincial and federal differences in legal, and fiscal requirements. We can ensure your compliance by:
  • Elaborating store policies and procedures adapted to current retail trends and designed to comply and align with business objectives, provincial legislation and Payment Card Indusrty requirements.
  • Creative and branded awareness programs with the use of message boards, contests, posters and newsletters to increase in-store communication related to shrinkage, security, safety and operational efficiencies.
  • Audit development to uncover anomalies requiring investigation, to track policy compliance and/or to determine employee training needs.
  • Document detailed store processes affecting financials, i.e.: stock count, banking, sales and return transactions for Internal Controls for Financial Reporting.
  • Emergency management and communication program: Active shooter, break-in, hold-up, major power outage, chemical leaks, storms, etc.
  • Development of employee training programs and guides.
  • Physical security assessments.
  • Soft Landings in Canada-What all new retailers should understand regarding provincial retail laws and regulations in Canada.
  • Emergency preparedness & readiness program.
  • Branding your loss prevention communications.
  • Fraud prevention for seniors.
Sales & Operations
  • Increase your sales with the latest customer service and sales techniques. Our training programs will ensure your store staff comfort in approaching customers and multiplying items per transaction.
  • We provide assistance in scouting retail locations and also provide experienced on-site retail management for store openings.
  • Further ensure your success by establishing retail metric dashboards for your store environment.
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