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Dédale & Icare

Deadalus and Icarus


Dedale escaped the Minotaur’s labyrinth and found his way without a GPS.


With today’s accelerated city life, it is so easy to  lose yourself in the forest, first “emotionally” then “physically”. A good GPS, with Topo Canada, and naturally NCC_Trails is a must…


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The NCC_Trails project started a few years ago with the intent to simplify geocaching in the Ottawa region. It is still today one of the most comprehensive map of the important trails in the Ottawa-Gatineau region including the Gatineau Park, the Ottawa Green Belt and many other trails in eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.

The NCC_Trail map was created for use in the field simultaneously with commercial Garmin Maps such as Topo Canada. It will install as transparent layers on a Garmin GPS 60CSx, Oregon/Colorado or compatible device. Several POIs such as parking, shelters, trail junctions, and other points of interests are also embedded in the maps.

This latest release now include trail labeling, color coded  identification of the type of trails, and larger tracks for better visibility on a GPS. I found it especially useful with my  Oregon 300 which is difficult to read under bright illumination.

The map was tested on a GPS60CSx, Oregon, and eTrex.

Note that the map is not transparent under MapSource.



These electronic maps are free to use, without any warranty of any sort and at your own risk. Their use for any commercial or monetary purpose is prohibited.

Latest revision : June 28, 2012

             NCC_Trails updated


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Major upgrade: color coded trails, more trails.