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The Playboy Mailing List (PML) is a community of Playboy fans exchanging their thoughts via e-mail. Topics covered are as diverse and rich as the magazine itself. As a member, you can expect a 30Kb message in your mailbox every day or every other day (a slow day).

Subscription is free and is activated by sending an e-mail. You can cancel your subscription any time. You may select one of the choices below:

.See the rules first!
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The PML has moved to on April 27, 2002.

Site Mission

The mission of this Web Site is to provide answers or a quick link to the most popular questions members have. A simple visit brings new members up to speed with the PML while long time members enjoy the benefits of a one-stop reference tool. Drop me a line if you feel a question should be answered in these pages. I'll see what I can do.

Basic Questions

.I have a problem. Help me!
.Has "she" ever been featured in Playboy? Which issues?
.Has "she" ever been in a movie? Which one?
.I missed a PML digest. What can I do?
.Is there a database file I can download?
.Tell me more about Playboy


.Ever heard of Glamourcon?
.Internet Abuse - Don't get caught!
.The Generations Quiz - We dare you
.Memory Assistant - Easy to forget facts
.Playboy Video & CD reviews by PML members

FAQ, Features, Questions.

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