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1. Signatures: Keep 'em short!

There is a venerable tradition on the internet of appending identifying "signatures" at the end of messages. This is fine, but *please* remember to keep it short: the best rule I know says, no more than four lines.

2. Please don't post HTML

Nowadays, lots of folks are using Netscape or Microsoft Outlook Express to send their mail (just to name two), and it's all too common for these mailers to send TWO copies of the message, one in plain text, and one with HTML markup. It is annoying to post two copies of your message, plus the HTML copy is often virtually impossible to read when displayed in a mail reader that doesn't parse HTML (mine doesn't, so you can bet I notice it very quickly). PLEASE turn off that feature of your mailer before posting!

3. Attachments? No!

Attachments, whether of HTML markup or any other kind, don't work well in a digest. It usually comes through as gibberish.

4. Quoting others' text

When replying to messages, please try and edit down quotations of previous posts as much as possible. It can be tiresome to have to scroll through a lot of unnecessary text. Readers will appreciate keeping quotations to a minimum (that is, only use what is absolutely necessary). And it should go without saying that sending a quotation of an entire digest in your reply is a Very Bad Idea...

5. Stay on topic

This one is obvious, but obligatory... Messages should always be relevant to the topic we all subscribed to discuss. A certain amount of drifting is to be expected, but it's also expected to keep drifting to a minimum. In other words, we want a very high signal-to-noise ratio. (Glad to say, most of the time we have it; lots of lists out there don't, and subscribers find it very frustrating.)

6. Agree to disagree

Remember, it's not the end of the world if 100% of PML members don't agree with you. Actually, it probably is the end of the world if they do. :) Once a point has been made, there probably isn't further need to keep making the same point (aka, "beating a dead horse").


That was a bit longer than I'd intended, but I just have to mention these things every so often... Since I'm being official here, I'll use my super-short signature. :)

Peggy Wilkins
Admin, Playboy Mailing List

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