Linux on Asus Z71A

Last updated: 2007-10-09

The Asus Z71A laptop differs from the Z71V by its shared video card, WXGA display, 100Mbps ethernet and AC97 audio.

This laptop has very good (relativly) Linux support. With some work we can even get those extra features like light sensor, suspend and special buttons.

General Hardware Specifications of Asus Z71A:

Hardware Components
Status under Linux
Pentium M Dothan Processor, 2.13 GHz Works use acpi_cpufreq for frequency scaling
15 WXGA TFT Display Works You need to use the new intel xorg driver or i810 and 915resolution to get native 1280x800.
Graphics : Intel 915GM (16MB pre-allocated video memory) Works, Direct Rendering also works i915 kernel module and intel xorg driver.
Firewire Works
TV-Out works Requires good options in xorg.conf
Ricoh RL5c476 II Cardbus (PCMCIA) Works kernel argument pci=assign-busses sometimes help
Realtek 8139 100Mbps Network Card Works 8139too kernel module
Internal 56k Modem Works with proprietary driver but I don't use it Demo version 14.4kbps only
Onboard SD card reader Doesn't Work even with the new driver in the kernel Will probably never work under Linux
TSSTcorp DVD/CD-RW Works
Internal miniPCI Gigabyte GN-WIKG Wireless Networking requires additional module not in main kernel tree (but should be in 2.6.24) use the legacy rt2500 or the newer rt2x00 (which supports wpa_supplicant) Debian package available
Cisco Aironet 350 PCMCIA Wireless Works but not used Use airo_cs kernel module
Lithium-Ion Battery Works Use battery kernel module to get status
Intel 82801FB/FBM/FR/FW/FRW (ICH6 Family) AC'97 Audio Controller Works use snd_intel8x0 kernel module

This laptop is operating under Kernel version 2.6.22. You can get my kernel config file

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