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The FIVE Holy Books of Discordia

Principia Discordia Cover
Book 1: Principia Discordia
The book at the origin of modern discordianism/erisianism, The most significant book ever written.
Many electronic versions available online, mostly based on the 5th edition.

The standard e-text edition: (almost no graphics)

Version of high quality scans including all graphics:

Principia Discordia 1st Edition Cover
The Rev DrJon has posted the Principia Discordia 1st edition

Do you believe that?

At the Appendix Discordia:

Fru - Logo Book 1.5: Los Frupanishads (The Emperor's New Clothes)
When the Principia Discordia version 5 ends on page 74, Los Frupanishads begins on page 75. By Lord Omar (the original one) and Malaclypse the Tertiary (a new one). Learn about FRU, the favorite son of Eris Kallisti Discordia.
Ommiterre Libellus Cover
Book 2: The Ommiterre Libellus
The missing tomes of the Principia Discordia revealed to RAlf Radix Fendersaon McKenzie Etal, KFFC, PTHRHFB by Eris Kallisti Discordia

Apocrypha Discordia Cover
Book 3: Apocrypha Discordia

Collated by the Rev Dr Jon Swabey with illustrations by pope Phil Wlodarczyk III. One of the jewel scriptures from the 23 Apples of Eris but their Website(s) contain way more flabbergasting dicordian literature and other "stuff".

Book of Eris Cover
Book 4: The Book of Eris

Brought to you by St. Verthaine the Goth and the Trans-dimensional Church of Eris

A Discordian Coloring Book Cover
Book 5: A Discordian Coloring Book

By Laramie Sasseville

Wise book of Baloney Cover
Book 6:  The Wise Book of Baloney

By Baron von Hoopla, K.S.C.

Metalclysmia Discordia or the Chaonomicon Cover
Book 7: Metalclysma Discordia
or The Chaonomicon
By the Rev St Synaptik, KSC (3171) 

Available along tons of other valuable discordian "stuff" at:

Summa Discordia Cover Image
Book 8: The Summa Discordia
By the Beautus Ffungo, edited and with additional material by Synaptor (YLOD 3171)

Available along tons of other valuable discordian "stuff" at:

A Treatise on the Grenzsituationen Temporary Cover - Save your barcodes
Book 9: A treatise on the Grenzsituationen (In development)

Grand Cabal of the Immanentizers of the Grenzsituationen

Image: Sears Spring  Summer 1975 Catalog
Book 10: Sears Spring & Summer 1975 Catalog
Hyperdiscordia - don't you get it!
Book 11: Hyperdiscordia

Made to be used more like an Encyclopedia than a book but does not have a rather friendly index.

Principia Discordia version 17 Cover
Book 12: Principia Discordia versions 17 

Presented by the 23 Apples of Eris

Hey, just go visit their site, too much good stuff to describe.

Pricnipia Discordia version 23.5 cover
Book 13: Principia Discordia versions 23.5 

Presented by the 23 Apples of Eris

Hey, just go visit their site, too much good stuff to describe.

Book of Chaos and Its Virtue Cover
Book 14: The Book of Chaos and Its Virtue

Brought to you by St. Verthaine the Goth and the Trans-dimensional Church of Eris

Eris Entripocus Cover
Book 15: The Eris Entripocus

Presented by the Holy Chapter of Froot Loops

Now available at:
Also available on a page by page basis here

  Book 16: The Eris Entropius: Book Two: The EntroHocusPocus

Presented by the Holy Chapter of Froot Loops

Now available at:
Also available on a page by page basis here

Devia Discordia Site Logo
Book 17: The Devia Discordia

Being a book of many collected ramblings about Life, Discordia and many other Interesting Things. Also containing several passages from Ye Booke of Truth, so that it's Wholey Predicaments may be known to All.

Now available as a book!?!?!?! at

Pages from the Book of Life Background Image
Book 18: Pages from the Book of life

Part of an infinite series - Collect them All
A publication of the First Church of Reason

Ek-sen-trik-kuh logo
Book 20: Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia

As revealed to Reverend Loveshade in a dream by Goddess Discordia, Princess Shamlicht and the 537 Bonobo Illuminated Apes of Nowhen

A work in progress ...

Hodgepodge Transformer
Book 21: The Zenarchist's Cookbook

Book 22: The Book of Waz

Created for the Sheer Hell Of It by Duke Euphoria De'Gryn, Knight of the Living Dead, TransGalactic MegaPope of RotaTing Space 

Irreality Wiki
(Currently down)
Book 22: The Stupid Book

Be turned off by the title but read it anyway. A very short text apparently channeled from Eris. Brilliant in insight and illuminating perspective.

Site is down for the moment - In the meantime, you can try this alternate version here

A Pocket Full of Chaos Cover
Book 23: A Pocket Full of Chaos

Jonesboro's House of Eris' Science and Fnord Committee)

Jonesboria Discordia Cover
Book 24: Jonesboria Discordia

Jonesboro's House of Eris' Science and Fnord Committee)

Apotheosis Psycherotica
Book 25: Apotheosis Psycherotica - or - How Not to Build a Cult

By The Happy Flowers Cabal, The Psycherotic Church, Pittsburgh fuck the pilusophy revolution, The Assitian Order and The Sequel Production Company.

.  . More to come ...

And Eris said, "Let there be more links ... "

Kallisti K Buxton Picture
The ultimate Discordian introduction page
23 Apples of Eris Logo Band
The 23 Apples of Eris
Tons of original material logo

Where would we be without them???

Robert Anton Wislon's Site
Committee for 
Surrealist Investigation of
Claims of the Normal 
Purple Monkey Mafia
The Purple Monkey Mafia
Excellent original material
DRT Logo
Discordian Reseach Technology
Lots of original stuff
Checkout the amazing Discordian Cabal directory
Cuckoo Trail Cabal Logo
Thanks to the help of The Cuckoo Trail Cabal for their Discordian Calendar
Dedicated to Carmine Crocco, 
who died a martyr to Discordia
on June 18, 1905.
Crocco Cabal Image
Disorganized by his holiness
Pope Antonivs I of Syracuse
Principia Discordia
The Kallisti of sites
Eriswerks Logo
Principia Discordia en français
Reverend Jack Ditch
Discordian Sky
RAWilson Fan Banner
Collage Artworks
An interesting article written by Kristin Buxton, one of the Kallistiest current avatar of Goddess Eris Kallisti Discordia
Maui Boy's Page for the Goddess
The Sacred Chao Ranch
The Sacred Chao Ranch
SETI 23 Logo
SimGecko's discord page
Nice Discordian Desktops Here
The Groovy Gravy Train
The Groovy Gravy Train
A Place of Miracles and Wonders
Glyn's Discordian Homepage
Ordus Templii Sensibilium
Shrine of Eris Esoterica
w w w . d i s c o r d i a . c a 
Includes: The Gospel of Chaos & The hunting of the FNORD
The Honest Book of Truth
The Honest Book of Truth
The Randolph Carter Narcoleptik Cabal
The Randolph Carter 
Narcoleptick Cabal 

Discordian not in name but in spirit

The Books of Tina Chopp
Tina's Chop
The Church of Tina Chopp presents the Book of Tina Chopp and much more ... definitely worth the visit.
The First Church of the Last Laugh
St Stupid

The Church of MOO
The Grate Book of Moo CoverThe Gnu Tastymint of Moo Cover
The Grate Book of MOO and The Gnu TastyMint of MOO
All Hail Chaotopia!
DADA Worldwide

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Wisom is Peiceless - Image From Sacred Texts Home Page
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 The center of the universe for the hottest, most outstanding, zaniest, and downright amazing videos you'll ever see…anywhere
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Project Gutenberg
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Turok's Cabana
Jokes? Funny pictures? Trivia? You've got it. At, 

you're encouraged to "drink deeply from the Dribble Glass of Life." Life is too important to take seriously!

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