Jennifer Peters - Lead Vocals

Jennifer (or JenE to her band-boyz) started taking her musical interest seriously while in University. She performed in musicals & did back-up vocals in Montreal while pursuing her degrees in dance. With over 11 years of performance arts training & experience, JenE decided that she was ready for the fine art of family life. She eventually warmed up her vocal chords again by singing in choir. Dan & Dave 'discovered' JenE while performing at a local event, and that's when contact was made. Evolution took place & then there were five.

Bob Ratcliffe - Drums, Percussions & Vocals

Bob has been playing drums for 30 years. In his younger days he played in a few local bands, and did some theater work with the music director of the local high school. He then took a few years off to raise his family and commited himself to all the responsibilties that this entailed. When asked by Dan and Dave to form a new group in the summer of 2006, he jumped at the opportunity to get back into something more serious. With a steady style of drumming, Bob’s motto « less is more » gives the band a solid base to work their magic. His kit includes Ludwig, Maxwin and Remo drums with Zildjian, Paiste and Sabian cymbals & hardware

Daniel Stecko - Keyboards & Vocals

Dan's been playing piano & keyboards since he was a young lad. Through his formative years, he played with many bands & did quite a bit of recording in Montreal area studios. In the 90's, he had a brief stint playing keys for Angel & The Bad Boys, and played on a blues CD with Michel Cusson (UZEB). In 2000, he and Stefano released a CD with the Group Therapy band, a large portion of which was recorded in his home studio, Blunt Instrument. Dan's current rig consists of a Yamaha S70XS, Hammond XK3c, DSI PolyEvolver, Roland Fantom Xr & Moog Voyager RME running through a Tascam LM-8ST mixer & QSC K10 amplification.

Dave Byrne - Bass & Vocals
Dave has been playing bass in some way, shape or form since the early 80's but don't hold that against him. From Heavy Metal to Disco, Dave is willing to play it just so long as he has someone to play it to. " for me Elegant Mess is the perfect situation, regardless of the style of music, if we think someone out there is going to like a particular song, we'll play it". Dave's current rig consists of Ampeg 4x10 cab powered by a Yorkville XS400 amp and for effects he uses a Digitech BNX3 workstation. As for basses it's hard to nail it down, if he's not using his custom Signature 4 string, he'll either be playing his custom Carvin BB 5 string bass or the latest addition, the Yamaha TRB1005 5 string. Either way, he's going to be laying it down!!
Stefano Antonacci - Guitars & Vocals

Stefano has been playing guitar since his early teens. He has since played and recorded with several musicians and bands around the Montreal area. His influences range from hard rock to contemporary jazz. Stefano loves to improvise, "it's the spice that makes the music more human". He currently uses Takamine acoustic, Paul Reed Smith & Ernie Ball Guitars, Fractal Audio Axe-FX Ultra.