Here's a few comments we've received from our clients:

"We just wanted to congratulate you on your world premiere debut show last night. We had such a great time listening to you guys. You sounded fantastic, and anyone that was paying attention could tell how much fun you guys were having up there. All we can say at this time is that you guys were freaking awesome. Thanks for sharing your special talent with us."


"Congratulations on such a successful night of music and more music! The band was fantastic. I don't know when I have been so entertained, and for what it cost !(I would have gladly paid more) You all must quit your day-jobs! Immediately! I even got up and danced. At first I was hesitant then I started to get into it; I would have danced the whole night away, except several people asked me to "please, for the love of God, stop!" (I was that good) Please let us know of all upcoming dates. Bravo!"


"You guys (and gal) were amazing!!! The feedback that I've heard from people that were there (from the young to the very old) is that you were incredible, they can't wait for the next show, you've got it together, great stage presence, looked like you were all having a great time, etc. "


"Thanks for the great show! The new band sounds great, and everybody seems to sync well together - tight!!


"A really great show. We're looking forward to the next one."


"Great show, lots of fun and a good time had by all. Congrats to all of you. Jen you were great as usual. I would like to buy an Elegant Mess t-shirt, have they been considered, would be a hot item. Looking forward to the next show.."