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French Canadian and Quebec Genealogy Research Service 

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Located in historic Québec City, the cradle of French North America, the French Canadian and Quebec Genealogy Research Service (FCQGRS) offers professional genealogical research services at an affordable price. Founded by a Franco-American now living in Québec City, the FCQGRS specializes in 19th-century births and marriages. Research is conducted by university-trained personnel at the Québec National Archives in Québec City, as well as at Université Laval, Québec's oldest university, and, for years, the repository of French-Canadian and Quebec genealogical records. In many cases, our research will take us to the villages and parishes of Québec.

If your ancestor(s) was/were born/married in the province of Quebec (New France, Lower Canada, Canada East) between 1608 and 1960, then there's an excellent chance that we can find him/them, and provide your ancestry (all lineages-paternal and maternal) as far back in time as the early 1600's (up to 9 generations). Try our no-risk, free limited-time promotional offer! Click on the link above and provide us with the names of your hard-to-find ancestors! We'll conduct a preliminary search and send you a detailed report, all at no charge!

Copies of birth, marriage and death certificates are available. Information on your ancestors' European origins (village, parish), as well as the etymology of your surname(s) is also available.

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quebec.gif - 1333 Bytes

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