2009-Current - Being Erica (TV Series)

Erin Karpluk stars in this series about a woman who can go back in time and relive moments from her past with the help of a mysterious therapist (Michael Riley).


2009 - Mr. Nobody

In this movie about the life of a 118 year-old man, Michael Riley plays Harry, his mother's boyfriend (and girlfriend's father) back when he was a teenager.


2009 - Flashpoint : "Coming to You Live"

Team One must locate and rescue a

politician before a vengeful radio shock jock(Michael Riley) kills him on the air.


2008 - The Tenth Circle (TV Movie)

Michael Riley co-stars with Kelly Preston and Ron Eldard in this movie adaptation of the novel by Jodi Picoult about how far parents will go to protect their children.


2008 - Murdoch Mysteries : "Bad Medicine"

Set in 1895 Toronto,  this series revolves around William Murdoch, a young detective who uses radical forensic techniques to solve varied cases.  In this episode, Michael plays Dr. Greyson, co-founder of a medical research institute where associatese are systematically killed off by a hooded specter.


2007 - Normal

Directed by Carl Bessai, Michael Riley plays Carl, in this feature film about 3 strangers brought together after the accidental death of a young man.


2007 - Race to Mars (Mini-series)

Michael plays the lead, Rick Erwin, in this miniseries about a manned mars mission set in 2030.


2007 - St. Urbain's Horseman (Mini-series)

Miniseries based on Mordechai Richler's novel, winner of the 1971 Governor General's Award.  Michael plays Harry Stein.


2005 - Super Volcano (Mini-series)

A 4-hour miniseries based on the BBC's documentary about a volcano that lies beneath Yellowstone National Park.


2005 - Missing : "Off the Grid"

In this Lifetime series about an FBI agent who helps locate missing persons through her cryptic psychic visions, Michael Riley guest starred as the abusive husband of a woman who thought she had found a way to escape him.


2004 - 2006 - This Is Wonderland (TV Series) 

The show revolves around Alice De Raey (Cara Pifko), a young criminal lawyer in Toronto Old City Hall.


2004 - The Perfect Husband aka Her Perfect

Spouse (TV Movie) 

Michael plays Ty, the husband who goes from perfect to not-so-perfect in this Lifetime movie.


2004 - Sugar

Michael Riley plays a john in this movie about a troubled suburban teen who hooks up with a hustler from the streets of Toronto's gay ghetto.


2004 - Cube Zero 

Michael Riley plays Jax in the third installement (but prequel) of the cult favourite Cube movies about

strangers trapped in a giant maze.


2004 - Saving Emily aka Blood Trap (TV Movie)

A woman is forced to turn to her ex-husband (Michael Riley), recently released from prison, in order to save their dying daughter.


2003 - America's Prince: The John F. Kennedy Jr. Story (TV Movie) 

The title says it all…  Michael plays Douglas Conte, a Kennedy Biographer.


2003 - C.S.I. Crime Scene Investigation : "Lady Heather's Box" 

One of the the most watched TV show in the US, and People's Choice Award winer for Best Series.  It follows the Las Vegas CSI unit as they search for clues to solve suspicious deaths.


2003 - Veritas: The Quest : "Sangraal" 

The show follows a father and son team who seek the truth behind the mysteries of history and civilization.  In this episode, they go to Tibet to rescue a kidnapped woman and find the Holy Grail.  This episode remains unaired.


2003 - Homeless to Harvard (TV Movie) 

Based on the true story of Liz Murray, this movie tells the moving story of a young woman (Thora Birch) who turned her life around after being raised in severe poverty by loving, yet drug-addicted parents (Kelly Lynch and Michael Riley).


2003 - DNA (Short Film)

Two young women visit the suburban home of a grieving widower to help him dispose of his deceased wife's clothing, only to discover the task is far more complex than they had anticipated. Premiered at the 2003 Toronto Film Festival.


2002 - 2004 - Ace Lightning and the Carnival of Doom

A half-hour series that combines live action with CGI,  Michael Riley provides the voice for the CGI Ace Lightning.


2002 - The Associates : "Ground Zero" 

This series follows 5 young lawyers working at Young, Barnsworth & King in Toronto. Sporting long hair and a beard, Michael played Gary Sanger, a YBK lawyer from the New York firm.


2002 - Rideau Hall : "The Royal Pain"

The show followed the newly elected Prime Minister and his secret agenda to get rid of Canada's links to the monarchy.  In this episode, Michael Riley plays Lyle, a legendary music producer who approaches the Governor General to record a song.


2002 - The Interrogation of Michael Crowe (TV Movie) 

After hours of interrogation a 14-year-old boy is coerced into confessing to the murder of his younger sister.


2002 - 100 Days in the Jungle (TV Movie) 

Eight pipeline workers are kidnapped by Colombian guerrillas while working in Ecuador.


2002 - Punch

Michael plays the lead, Sam, a single father whose relationship with his teenage daughter is strained when she punches his date.


2001 - The Way We Live Now (Mini-series)

Based on Anthony Trollope's novel set in the 1870's London, the miniseries follows Augustus Melmotte, a shady financier, who lures prominent citizens and politicians into a colossal get-rich-quick scheme. Michael plays Hamilton K. Fisker, an American businessman.


2000 - Mile Zero

Michael called this movie "the hardest thing'' he's done.   After his divorce, a father kidnaps his young son.


2000 - The Outer Limits : "Decompression"

After a senator plane is hit by lightning, a mysterious woman appears to warning him that the airplane will crash.


2000 - The Last Debate (TV Movie) 

A magazine editor wants answers as to why a political columnist chosen to moderate a presidential debate revealed damaging evidence.


2000 - Black Swan 

Fun movie about a woman wanting to escape her small town life and bad seed boyfriend Carl (Michael Riley).


1999 - The Outer Limits : "Better Luck Next Time"

Following a double murder the police interrogates two witnesses making bizarre claims.


1999 - Win, Again (TV Movie) 

Excellent TV movie written by and starring Gordon Pinsent as a man returning to his home town after being on the run from the law for 14 years. 


1998 - 2000 Power Play (TV Series) 

Ex sports agent Brett Parker (Michael Riley) becomes GM of a NHL team.  Click here for a Video Clip


1998 - Ice (TV Movie) 

A small group of people try to escape to a warmer place after Earth freezes over.


1998 - Style and Substance : "Chelsea Gets an Opinion" 

Michael Riley had a guest role as a producer in this short lived TV series starring Jean Smart. 


1997 - Heart of the Sun 

A farmer's wife swears that her inability to have a child is a punishment from God.


1997 - The Grace of God 

A darkly humorous personal odyssey in which director Gerald L’Ecuyer attempts to make sense of life and love in a series of short, lyrical vignettes.


1997 - Pale Saints 

A con artist Louis (Sean Patrick Flanery) and his inseparable sidekick Dody (Michael Riley) try to commit one last heist before heading to California.


1997 - Every 9 Seconds (TV Movie) 

A journalist working on a story on help lines for abused women tries to keep a wife to from killing her husband.


1997 - Amistad

Michael Riley had a small role as a British officer at the end of this Steven Spielberg saga.


1996 - Crimes of Passion: Voice From the Grave (TV Movie) 

A woman is  possessed by the spirit of a co-worker who wants to bring her killer to justice.


1996 - The Prince 

Roy Timmons (Michael Riley) stumbles into the web of Jamie Hicks (Billy Dee Williams), whose modus operandi is the Machiavellian philosophy.


1996 - Heck's Way Home (TV Movie) 

A dog travels across Canada to reach his family.


1996 - Dogmatic (TV Movie) 

A man (Michael Riley) trades places with his dog after they are struck by lightning.


1995 - Due South : "A Hawk and a Handsaw" 

Due South is a great Canadian TV series about a Mountie in the Windy City.


1995 - Strauss: King of 3/4 Time (TV Special) 

Part of the Composer's Series : Strauss teaches a young boy not to live in fear of his stepfather.


1995 - The Possession of Michael D. aka Legacy of Evil (TV Movie) 

Just as couple starts to live together, the husband begins to adopt strange personalities. They consult a parapsychologist (Michael Riley) who discovers that he is possessed.


1995 - French Kiss 

Meg Ryan plays a woman who flies to France to confront her straying fiancé, but falls for a crook she meets on the plane.  Michael Riley has a small role as a Canadian consulate employee, which is cut in the TV version.


1994 - Race To Freedom: The Story of the Underground Railroad (TV Movie) 

The movie follows the escape of four slaves, two men and two women, who flee the oppressive clutches of their plantation and begin a harrowing trek toward Canada.


1994 - The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios (TV Movie) 

Two University students try to pass the time after one of them contracts AIDS.


1994 - Butterbox Babies (TV Movie) 

True story of the owner of a home for unwed mothers who believes is doing the right thing by hiding deaths and selling babies.


1993 - ...And God Spoke 

A documentary-style movie on the making of a big budget Bible picture.


1993 - Because Why 

Meet Alex (Michael Riley), who returns to Montreal after a five-year absence and finds that a lot has changed.


1993 - Lifeline to Victory (TV Movie) 

Michael Riley star as Captain Paul Devereaux who, along with a crew of inexperienced sailors, battle the fierce menace of the German navy.


1993 - Mustard Bath

After his mother's death, Matthew Linden (Michael Riley) revisits his birthplace : Guyana, South America.


1993 - Street Legal : "Fit Punishment" and "What's Love Got to Do with It?"

Michael Riley played Adam Ruskin, a man accused of child molesting seeking parole, in two episodes of this Canadian drama series about a law firm in Toronto.


1992 - To Catch a Killer  (TV Movie) 

Michael Riley plays a small-town police detective who, while investigating a missing person report, becomes convinced that businessman John Wayne Gacy is responsible for the torture deaths of over two dozen young victims. Based on a true story.


1991 - Diplomatic Immunity 

A Canadian diplomat lands in El Salvador, and tries to clean it up before a Ministerial visit.


1990 - Perfectly Normal 

Renzo Parachi (Michael Riley) and his new roommate Alonzo Turner (Robbie Coltrane) do all it takes to start an opera-themed restaurant.


1988 - The Private Capital (Mini-series) 

A look at turn of the century Ottawa and the various goings on, both political and private, of various characters.


1988 - Chasing Rainbows (Mini-series) 

Set in 1920s Montreal, this mini-series follows the adventures of a hustler, Jake Kincaid (Paul Gross) and a high society rebel, Christopher Blaine (Michael Riley).


1986 - Many Happy Returns (TV Movie)

A comedy starring George Segal about tax returns.  Michael Riley's character was named Rick.


1986 - Kay O'Brien : "Kayo on Call"

Michael Riley had a small part as a medical student in the pilot for this short lived CBS series set in a hospital.


1985 - Comedy Factory : "Fast Food"

Michael played Gary next to co-star Keanu Reeves as "Crackers".


1984 - The Littlest Hobo : "Small Change"

Michael Riley's first time in front of the camera was as Vince, a would-be robber, in this series about a

wandering dog.