Le Canal de Lachine (p. 1) The Lachine Canal

After having received the book "Le Canal de Lachine" for Christmas 2004 I became fascinated with this piece of history that I have lived near for 35 years, but only been mildly conscious of.

Page 1 is a selection of pictures from the Montreal harbour to the St-Gabriel Locks.

(N.B. - photos with a blue border can be enlarged by clicking on them.)

Carte du canal - Parcs Canada
Map of the canal - Parks Canada

Visite virtuelle - Parcs Canada

On-line visit - Parks Canada
J'ai tellement pris de photos de l'edifice Canada Maltage que j'ai ajouté une section juste pour lui - Cliquez ici
I have taken so many pictures of the Canada Malting plant that I added a separate section - Click here
La première écluse (vue vers l'ouest).

The first locks, looking west

La deuxième écluse et le remorquer historique Danial McAllister qui attends sa restoration.

The second locks and the historic tug boat Danial McAllister waiting to be restored..


The CN-Port bridge, permanently parked in the open possition, the new Mill street bridge beyond.

Part of the complex of grain elevators beside the first and second locks
The former Northern Electric complex, behind the Belding Paul and Co. It is huge!
The Belding Paul and Co silk textile plant originally used hydraulic power - vestige of the water exit.