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Hold that guitar

If you ever see the Who’s film, The Kids are Alright. There is a scene where John Entwhisle walks down the winding stair case of (I presumed) his mansion and there are guitars and basses hanging on the wall all the way down the stairs. I decided it would be nice to hang my guitars on the wall. I have noticed that guitars are always hanging in guitar stores so this has got be ok at home. I had these beveled wooden plaques that I had picked up at a yard sale. So I used them as my base. You could use any rectangular piece. I measured the width on a typical guitar stand. I decided that the holder arms should be at 45 degrees in relation to the base. This would spread the weight against the wall as opposed to straight down. I decided to use ½ wooden dowels. To protect the guitar I bought a length of clear plastic tubing to cover the wood. I used wood glue. The biggest problem was cutting holes into the backing boards at a 45 degrees angle to hold the dowels. You can see from the photo that I wasn't’t that successful.

wall mount

Here is one of the wooden plaques that I had and dowel. Any shape can work.

I applied a stain because I thought it looked better.

wall mount I chose to use a spacing of 2.5 " and tested this with several guitars.



wall mount



Here is it screwed to the wall with a guitar hanging from it. Remember if your wall is made of sheet rock, use anchors for added support.


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