"A company can possess all the technical skills in the world but will achieve insignificant and unworthy results if it does not know how to market and sell itself."

Change ManagementTeam Strategic PlanningCoaching for Executives and TeamsBusiness Succession PlanningFeasibility StudiesBusiness Planning and Finance
Knowledge ManagementMIS Design and VerificationCommunications AuditMarketing Research
Value ManagementOrganizational DiagnosticsPerformance EvaluationsDesign and Implementation of Business Development and Sales ProgramsClient Surveys and In-House Surveys
OutsourcingCustomer Relationship ManagementFinance and BankingBudgetingDevelopment of Themes and Writing of All Parts of Annual ReportPlanning and Organizing for Annual General Meetings or for Similar Important Conferences or Meetings


Mr. Howard Gosselin oversees all assignments in addition to being the main professional on many of the mandates. Other associates become involved depending on the nature of the mandate and the expertise required on the particular file. HGSG has strategic alliances with a number of key individuals and firms that enable it to quickly bring to bear the required expertise in its areas of concentration. Below is a brief description of the background of some of the HGSG associates.